Running Medal of Honor on Windows XP Pro

  scott6p 22:09 13 Jan 2003
  scott6p 22:09 13 Jan 2003

could anyone help me with a problem running MOHAA on my computer? I am useing windows XP Pro with a Gigabyte GeForce 2 MX400 graphics card. When I click on the Icon for MOHAA it starts loading then come up with the error "can't find Open GL". It seems that my card hasn't installed Open GL so I downloaded the latest driver from Gigabytes web site, still doesn't work. Has anybody any suggestions?

  Forget-me-not 22:19 13 Jan 2003

I use Detonator 30.82's with a very similar set-up to you and MOH:AA runs fine.

They are avaliable click here

  scott6p 16:42 14 Jan 2003

Thanks Forget-me-not that cured my problem. As a matter of interest would a later version of Detonator work?

  struggle8 16:46 14 Jan 2003

your lucky I cant even get it to run corretly on win me the graphics are in constant slow motion on mine

  powerless 16:51 14 Jan 2003

Start your own thread off.

But sounds like a grpahics problem - old card.

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