Running ethernet externally?

  silverous 08:40 24 Oct 2007


I believe it is possible to run ethernet cable externally ? I have had limited success with wireless and powerline networking and so am thinking of running an ethernet cable externally around my house.

What are the parameters in terms of distance limitations, and what would I need / likely cost be?

Anyone done this?



  Rigga 08:56 24 Oct 2007

Hi I did this as I was in a similar position. Wireless was not good enough and the phone extension in the office, meant I only synced using ADSL at around 5meg.

I have now moved the router near to the main socket, and have run a 40 metre ethernet cable > click here < that goes outside the house near the main socket, up through the roof/loft, then back out and down the other side of the house, and into the office. It then connects to a small network hub. Then my three computers all connect to the hub.

My ADSL now syncs at 8meg, and I have not had a single problem in the 18 months since I did it.


  silverous 09:32 24 Oct 2007

Wow, you've just given me a great idea.... I can move my router too! I was planning on leaving router in study and connecting to my PS3 in lounge but the lounge is master socket and I too have speed/synch issues!!! Thanks!

That cable doesn't look like it is graded for external use...I guess if you haven't had any issues then no probs. I was thinking maybe:

click here

although I've seen it cheaper somewhere else this morning.

Did you need to get a special tool and also ethernet ports to put on the wall ?

  Rigga 14:54 24 Oct 2007

I didn't. I took the simple route, and just drilled holes big enough for the cable ends, then sealed from both inside and out around the hole.

I did look into getting ethernet ports,and doing the job properly, but figured I didn't need the complexity as neither hole can be seen.

The cable you linked too looks good, but as I said I've had no problems using normal cable.


  Forum Editor 20:05 24 Oct 2007

The Cat 5e cable is the one to go for, but remember that for practical purposes the maximum cable run shouldn't exceed 100 metres - ideally less.

You'll need an Ethernet crimping tool if you want to put plugs at each end.

  silverous 09:26 25 Oct 2007

Thanks FE. I'm hoping 100 metres should be enough, I need to calculate it. I think I may well wire up some ethernet sockets at either end to give maximum flexibility.

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