Running a desktop from an external HDD

  catpwss 15:57 20 Aug 2012

HI.I'm thinking of transfering all my documents,music,photos,video to an external hdd,Due to a slight hickup with desktop,Running windows 7. Now is this a good or bad idea,Then all what would be on the C dice would be windows and all my programs etc. If its going to be a good idea what would be the best way to access the folders from the external hdd,Would it be possible to access then through the existing libraries in windows 7. I'm open to suggestions any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 20 Aug 2012

Yes it would work that way however it may slow things up slightly depending on how you run the attached external drive.

USB2 would be slowest SATA or USB3 would be quicker

  catpwss 16:26 20 Aug 2012

Yea thanks,Would be possible to access the folders on the ext hdd through windows library if so can you please elaborate a little more if its possible. Thanks for the input.

  KRONOS the First 16:55 20 Aug 2012

Instead of transferring all the MY folders to an external HDD why not just install a internal HDD and move them to that. As I have a smallish (128GB) SSD I have done this. Only Windows 7 and programs are on the c drive everything else is on two 1TB drives which are internal. I have a third 1TB external HDD which I use fore backup.

This will show you have to move the My Documents folder but the same process applies to Music/videos/pictures.

  catpwss 18:25 20 Aug 2012

Chronus.What would be the best way to access those items on the other drive,Would I be able to open them in the libraries under start?. Thanks for the info.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 20 Aug 2012

Yes libraries will access files on any drive whether internal or external an internal drive would be faster but your original Q was about external drives .

What was the problem you had before that prompted this question?

  catpwss 19:04 20 Aug 2012

Well my drive was getting a bit full,I had a lot of photos on there as I do a lot of photography etc.And of course I have a 5year old granddaughter must have thousands of her,Just needed a good sort out. I might put all my photos now on ext hdd and maybe my music. Things will look a lot better then.Thanks for your thoughts and help.

  KRONOS the First 19:10 20 Aug 2012

The answer to your question is yes, you would access them as if they were on the C drive via the libraries.

  catpwss 19:48 20 Aug 2012

Gee thanks once again,I think that I would be totally lost and spending a lot of money if it wasn't for the great help I get on the forum. A big Thank you once again to all.

  catpwss 21:29 20 Aug 2012

Chronus,Thought I'd give you an update,I transferred all my music And my pictures.All went well. Thanks.

  KRONOS the First 05:52 21 Aug 2012

Glad to hear it.

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