Running Badly

  Iceman244 13:45 28 Feb 2009

I have decided to come on here as my laptop is driving me nuts, it is running like a complete dog and I hope somebody will be able to help.

Some background information in case it helps is.

ISP – Orange broadband

Anti-virus package – Norton

Telephone line – was BT but have now changed to Orange

The laptop is slow in every application; it takes ages the load the home page, application such as word and even loading word documents take ages to load as if the application is frozen in someway.

I have waited 15 minutes for word or word documents to load. Also sometimes they don’t close down properly either.

In fact closing anything down is not quick as it should be, you should click on the cross and whatever you are in should instantly shut down. Not on my laptop it again seems to freeze and take ages.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence but it does seem worse since I have changed my phone line from BT to Orange.

It has only been in the last week that I have had to turn the laptop off by the power button rather than shutting it down properly.

Of course I have run a full Norton system scan but don’t know what else to do.

A couple of times lately I have almost taken a hammer to the thing , but common sense and the fact that I need the thing and cant afford a new one right now has stopped me.

Can anyone help?



  cream. 14:40 28 Feb 2009

needed and which operating system is it running.

Also did you wipe off the settings for BT before you loaded the orange settings. Do you use a modem or router?

  tullie 14:43 28 Feb 2009

Duplicate postclick here

  kindly 15:20 28 Feb 2009

The first thing to do, because it is running slow even on applications, is to do a full scan with your anti virus. Also download the FREE "Superantispyware" program and run that. Because it is slow on all aspects of the computer I would guess you have some spyware in there. Do as cream says also. The different programs might conflict when trying to connect to the internet. Post back when you are done and let us know whats happening. Cheers.

  tullie 16:41 28 Feb 2009

See how confusing it gets with duplicate posts,suggest you close this one.

  Terry Brown 21:52 28 Feb 2009

It may have no connection with this.

I have a Winfast motherboard from Novasoft and every time I get a microsoft download, my system slows right down.

All I can put it down to is the Motherboard and graphics drivers are not compatable with the Microsoft system and it loads default software (generic) over my system.
The Cure:
Re-load the Mothrboard and Graphics drivers in.
It always tells me that the drivers I am loading are older that the existing ones, but the work better.

  kindly 15:10 04 Mar 2009

Terry, that is a good point about drivers. I have just updated mine on my desktop and the graphics card does not seem to strugle as much on video.
Iceman, why dont you have a look to see if there are any newer drivers you can download and that might do the trick.

  Rose82 23:22 16 Oct 2009

I had such a problem, too. I was recommended Clone Remover to solve this problem. I used it delete duplicate files duplicate music finder (click here). And now I have only necessary files without duplicates of them.

  RobCharles1981 23:45 16 Oct 2009

I suggest changing your Antivirus Package to something more "resource hogging" shall we say?

Orange Broadband smells fishy to me as well.

  peter99co 00:22 19 Oct 2009

Antivirus Package to something more "resource hogging"

Remove Norton I think

  Strawballs 00:43 19 Oct 2009

Which version of Norton are you using? I would have always recomended against Norton untill I took part in the 360 trial and got the free copy and it is very good on the system that I have it running on.

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