Running 3 RAM sticks on an Asus A8N-E

  HMIG 10:13 11 Feb 2006

Mesh 3500 + AMD Athlon 64 socket 939
on A8N-E PCI-E X600 Win XP SP2 Bios 1001

I had 2 X PC3200 512MB ram sticks installed.
Ran ok and as dual channel 1GB DDR 400.

Reading MoBo manual should put my new 1GB PC3200 stick in board slot A1 leave A2, 512's in B1 and B2.

The board will actually only accept the 1GB in B2 and a single stick of the 512MB in B1.
In this config it runs as 1.5GB single channel DDR333.

NO other config of all 4 available slots will work with the 1GB in the board?

Can I run the three sticks or do I need two more matched sticks at any size? (Bios? Other?)

Any help appreciated

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:22 11 Feb 2006

I have the same motherboard and I have four 512MB DDR400 DIMMs. This runs at 400MHz and dual channel. To run in dual channel mode you must have two or four DIMMs installed. Looking in the manual it appears that, for best performance, the DIMMs should all be of the same size. If you run with 4GB of ram, the full capacity may not be recognised.

  Rayuk 10:38 11 Feb 2006

Have you tried installing 1Gb in slot B1 and 2 512 in slots A1 & A2.
States in manual to use slot B1 for 1 stick only.
Also if they are different brands have you looked in bios you may need to set their settings up manually using the lowest settings of the 2 different modules,hope you get my drift

  HMIG 11:36 11 Feb 2006

Thanks for the quick replies.

Mr M
I may have to go to 2 matched 512 and 2 matched 1GB so should only reach 3GB.Note the limit.

I have tried that config and just get long beeps with no boot up at all? In my bios (Rev 1001) there does not seem to be an option for RAM settings?

Upgrading the bios would be a last resort :-{

Cheers HMIG

  Rayuk 14:23 11 Feb 2006

If your 1Gb runs ok on its own I would go for a matching stick so you have 2 x 1Gb.
Latest bios is version 1009 couple of memory issues fixed between yours and latest bios,not that it would be a certainty to solve your problem.
Post here see if you can get help from fellow board users
click here

  HMIG 20:55 11 Feb 2006

Hi Rayuk

Thanks I will probably need to update the bios and get another 1 GB stick. Not looking forward to this.

  tony1160 22:10 11 Feb 2006

have you made sure all 3 memory's have the same timings etc, cas 2.5 or 3...... as different CAS Latency's will make the memory drop to 333mhz

  HMIG 10:10 12 Feb 2006

Hi Tony1160

They are all the same and now I have found the manual setting for the RAM speed and set it to 400 it runs at 400. The actual switch in the bios was well hidden; starting in the CPU list was surprising.

The failure of the board to run 2 matched and a single in the four slots is whats puzzling me most, I can see it can't run as dual channel with only one stick in the second 2 slots. I have no floppy drive so will have to look into changing the bios from XP. Possible I think but obviously I must be sure.

Thanks for the reply.

  Rayuk 10:31 12 Feb 2006

Best bet may be to get another 1Gb as you have now should run in dual channel then maybe instal your other 2 sticks
It will default to 333 so just change to 400 in the bios
May be no need to flash bios unless you get problems running this way

  HMIG 22:08 13 Feb 2006

Ok Rayuk

Thinking along the same lines so will give th 1GB stick a try

Thanks all

  HMIG 10:42 17 Feb 2006

Hi Thanks for the information

I have just been given the answer from Asus themselves, so thought I would post it here.

The board supports dual channel so will run one of any size or two different in two channels (Blue and Black)

If you want to run 4 sticks at all you will need two matching pairs, as you suggested.

That’s why it will run 1.5GB in 1GB and 512MB split in 2 different channels.

It will NOT run 3 sticks of anything.

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