Runners (if thats the right term) for DVD Drive

  clarki63 21:49 03 Jun 2004

Have purchased a DVD Rom drive second hand but it needs some metal runners the same as the ones screwed on to my CD R/W to fit correctly into my 'generic' case.

what are these things called. Runners? housings? and where can I get them?

  Djohn 22:29 03 Jun 2004

click here and scroll down to 5 1/2" Hard drive brackets, click on picture, see if these are what you mean. Can be bought from any PC supplier/shop. j.

  clarki63 23:02 03 Jun 2004

Thanks but not these.

Guess they would be called 5 and 1/2 optical drive brackets?

Might be easier just to take them into a shop but I live out in the sticks so really wanted to find mail order.

  keith-236785 02:56 04 Jun 2004

normally a generic case would need no "runners" to attach a cdrom/dvdrom drive, its just a case of slide in, screw two screws into each side and bobs your uncle.

if you find you need runners then you have probably got a branded computer case (dell, hp, compaq) etc... if so then a browse around these sites may pay dividend.

if you are reffering to plastic runners about ½inch high, five inches long then let me know, i did have some but may have thrown them away. i will look in the morning and let you know if i have them. if so you are welcome to them FOC.

  clarki63 07:53 04 Jun 2004

Thanks very much.

Off work today so will see if I can identify what make the case is. There are no badges etc on it.

Runners you mention sound very similar. The ones on my R/W are metal and you actually attach those to the drive. It then slides in and clicks into place. It's the first time I have seen a set up like this cos as you said its usually just a matter of securing with screws. Havent seen anything like it on the web not even ebay.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 16:31 04 Jun 2004

Have they got "wings" at the front as Mesh use this type of runner.

  clarki63 18:46 04 Jun 2004

If you mean bits that clip in yes!

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 19:21 04 Jun 2004

Sorry , the Mesh version is a complete tray sort of thing I believe, you fix your drive in the tray and slide it in. There are holes in the wings to lock it in tight with screws, when Mesh remembers to do it that is.

  keith-236785 22:25 04 Jun 2004

clarki63, if you click on the envelope at the side of my name and send me a blank e-mail with the subject as runner, i will e-mail you a photo of the runners i have found, if you think they are right then i will send them to you.

they are 6½ inches long (165mm)x 5/8" wide (16mm)x 1/8" thick (4mm).

  keith-236785 19:01 05 Jun 2004

i have sent an e-mail with the picture of the runners i have.

  keith-236785 20:06 05 Jun 2004

ok, the runners are in the envelope and i will post them tomorrow, obviously there is no post sunday but you should get them monday/tuesday.

i have put a note in saying there is no need to send any stamps back, but if you really want to, i have included my address.



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