Runner error at boot up

  Europa 17:24 03 Mar 2007

I did restaure my PC to a previous date, since then when I boot up into windows, a runner error window appear stating : Runner file name(Logitech Desktop Messenger.exe)lacks a '-'(the app id separator).
It appears at every boot up. What do I need to do to make it stop appearing at every boot up?
Thank you.

  Europa 01:11 04 Mar 2007

I have removed Logitech Desktop Messenger with Add or Remove programs, it seems resolving the problem, I don't have that runner error window appearing at boot up.
Now my questions are : Is it a necessary program to have? Do I have to download Logitech Desktop Messenger from the Logitech website? What does Logitech Desktop Messenger do exactly?
Thank you.

  SLAYER 06:43 04 Mar 2007

From Logitechs website.

Description of Logitech Desktop Messenger.
This is Logitechs free service that delivers news on software updates, tips, technology news and other relevant offers. It keeps you updated of the latest upgrades and software developments and allows you to take advantage of the innovative features of Logitech products.

So no,you do not need it.

  terryf 10:38 04 Mar 2007

When I installed my logitech camera again after a system crash, I chose 'load drivers only' and this stops all this rubbish, I use Messenger 7.5 and the camera works fine with just the drivers. So try un-install logitech etc from Add/remove then go to Device Manager and remove the webcam, put the logitech cd and start install, choose driver only and plug in webcam when it says so

  Europa 15:24 04 Mar 2007

I'll leave it like that then. Thank you for your help.

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