Grey Goose 12:18 17 Jul 2003

I am using Windows Me.

When I click on My Computer, Conrtol Panel and then and option within it I get the following message:-

Windows cannot find C:\WINDOWS|rundll32.exe

Anyone know how to overcome this as I cannot open any item within my control panel.

Grey Goose

  Jester2K II 12:20 17 Jul 2003

When you open Control Panel, you receive a message similar to:

Windows cannot find C:\Windows\Rundll32.exe, make sure you typed the name correctly and try again.

You may have a virus or Rundll32.exe is damaged or missing.

To restore a clean version of Rundll32.exe:

1. Mount the Windows XP CD-ROM.

2. Open a CMD.exe session.

3. Type expand <CD-ROM:>\i386\rundll32.ex_ %Systemroot%\rundll32.exe and press Enter.

4. Shutdown and restart Windows XP.

  Jester2K II 12:22 17 Jul 2003

Mount the Windows XP CD-ROM 0 Pop your XP CD in the drive!!!

Open a CMD.exe session = Start Menu, Run.. Type "cmd" (no speech marks) and hit enter!!!

Replace <CD-ROM:> with D: or whatever your CDROM drive letter is...

  Grey Goose 12:28 17 Jul 2003

Jester2K II

I am using Windows ME

Grey Goose

  Jester2K II 12:39 17 Jul 2003

Sorry you are right

How to Troubleshoot Control Panel Issues in Windows
http:// support. microsoft. com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;299923

HOW TO: Extract Original Compressed Windows Files
http:// support. microsoft. com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;129605

How to Extract and Replace a Protected File in Windows Me
http:// support. microsoft. com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;265371

Copy and Paste these links into Internet Explorer (remove spaces first)

  Grey Goose 12:48 17 Jul 2003

Thanks Jester will try these links.

  Jester2K II 12:51 17 Jul 2003

I think the second two will be of more use.

Basically i think you'll need to use link 3 to switch off the file protection systemand then link two to extract a new copy of rundll32.exe.

Good luck - post back with results.

Afterthought - Anti Virus up to date??

  Grey Goose 14:22 17 Jul 2003

Yes. Anti-Virus all up to date.

This has ocurred after switching on for first time, after being out of the country for last 3 weeks.

  rawprawn 16:32 17 Jul 2003

To replace a dll file try click here

  Jester2K II 17:28 17 Jul 2003

Its not a dll - it an exe. Hence rundll32.exe being the name of the file.

  mrdsgs 19:13 17 Jul 2003

this would work for w98se so it might be worth a go:

start/run: type "sfc" and then press enter

click "extract one file from insatllation disk" in "specify the system file..." type rundll32.exe and them click start

in the extract file dialog box type d:\winme (i am guessing here because on mine it is d:\win98)

in the backup file dailog click ok and then yes if asked to create the backup folder

When you receive an £extract file" message, click Yes to retart the pc.


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