Run two Computers

  ivy lynn-251214 19:29 07 Oct 2003

This is probably a dumb question (I'm a novice),Is it possible to run two PC's on one Iternet service (at the same time).

  Jester2K II 19:30 07 Oct 2003

Most ISPs won't let you.

  mark e 19:30 07 Oct 2003

not without networking them I think?

  Rayuk 19:43 07 Oct 2003

Yes but you will need to invest in a router
Have a read through this
click here

  Rayuk 20:03 07 Oct 2003

PS You dont have to have a router it can be done by networking as mark e states.
But by using the router you can use your internet connection independantly for each pc rather than have to have main pc on for 2nd pc to connect to the web.

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