Run Time Error

  PC guy 20:56 04 Jun 2008

Hi there,
I have a problem that I have had for a couple of weeks and now it is getting on my nervs. Every tim I tunr on my computer a box shows up:

A Runtim Error has occurred.
Do you wish to debug?
Error:object expected

Yes No

Something similar happens when I open a few websites, and I have done thing with "Tools" "Internet options" etc. but it is still there.

Any help is apreciated
Thank you

  woodchip 21:04 04 Jun 2008
  PC guy 21:48 04 Jun 2008

I doesn't really show how to fix the problem though.
Thanks anyway!

  brundle 21:50 04 Jun 2008
  PC guy 21:55 04 Jun 2008

Thanks Brundle, but I tried that and it still comes up, besides "Runtime Error...", that happens at start up.


  brundle 21:58 04 Jun 2008

Well it's message generated by the HTML engine in Windows so related to something attempting to put something on-screen.

Get Process Explorer click here, reboot the PC and leave the error message on screen, run Process Explorer, drag the target icon from P/E to the error message box, it will highlight which program is generating it. What is the name of the .exe file?

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