Run a program when dialling the internet

  hebeallrusty 15:40 30 Aug 2005

is there any way in which i can run a program when i dial/redial the internet, because i have written this batch file that keeps me informed of how long i have left on the current internet session. This is because I'm limited to 2 hours at a time by my ISP and find it annoying that i always manage to start something about 5 mins before it times out.

There are programs that let you monitor your internet time in a month, but i'd like it to be per session

help would be greatly appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 17:47 30 Aug 2005

NetLauncher is a Win95/98/NT program that sits idle on your system tray. and waits for you to make a Dial-up Networking connection. When it senses a connection or a disconnection event, it will launch or close programs that you've configured. Perfect for launching email clients. Web Servers and most window applications."
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I don't know about XP but would think that it might work.

  DieSse 18:09 30 Aug 2005

You don't need a batch file for a timer - there are plenty around already put ... software stopwatch ... into a google search and you'll get several very neat ones - including "always on top" displays.

  hebeallrusty 16:59 31 Aug 2005

Thanks to the both of you. I think i'll Download NetLauncher. That link you gave me wont let you download it unless you install some spyware before it'll let you download the actual program. Company website lets you download it for free and has a version for XP.
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  Diodorus Siculus 17:01 31 Aug 2005

hebeallrusty - sorry about that; I only knew the name of the program and did a google search.

Hope it goes ok.

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