Run multiple gmail accounts

  goodideafairy 12:04 10 Jan 2009

This post was initially going to be asking the question on how to accomplish this but I figured a solution and sharing it-

I can not do it using the unsecured http web page

I am able to login with my personal account, but each time I tried to open another login page I was automatically logged in to my personal account. If I logged out on one web page and entered my other account(my buisness account) information, my personal account used was terminated and redirected to the buisness account also.

instead I used the secure site,

click here

which allows me to run my personal gmail account in one tab and my buisness gmail account in the other. I only have two so I did not test this further than two accounts. I tried opening a few more browers and was not automatically redirected.

  octal 15:30 10 Jan 2009

Is there any reason why you don't run them in your email client in IMAP? That will synchronize the folders both on your local computer and on the web site.

  Pineman100 15:44 10 Jan 2009

I tried doing the same as you, some months ago, and I gave up! So congratulations on your perseverence!

However, I'm a bit puzzled. I clicked on your link, and Google Mail opened up on my Inbox, looking exactly the same as it always does. The only difference I could see was the 'https' in the URL.

How do you instruct the Mail link on Google's home page to connect you to the secure site? Or do you just put a different link in Favourites?

Next question - as my Google Mail account opens up automatically in the secure site, just as it does normally, I'm obviously being recognised and logged in. To create a second account, how do I 'anonymise' myself?

  MAJ 16:01 10 Jan 2009

I wasn't aware that this was a problem for anyone, I've been opening both my google email accounts this way almost from day one.

"How do you instruct the Mail link on Google's home page to connect you to the secure site? Or do you just put a different link in Favourites?"

Yes just put the secure link into your favorites or as I have done, drag it to your Links bar.

"To create a second account, how do I 'anonymise' myself?"

Go to the Google page and click "Mail".

  br1anstorm 16:04 10 Jan 2009

I haven't done what the OP suggests, but I'm interested in the possibility. In answer to Pineman's query, I think the way to do it is to go into Google Mail (the https site), click on Settings, then click on the Accounts tab, and then follow the guidance on setting up/linking to another account - which as I understand it can be either another gmail account (work v home?) or an email account with another provider. I presume that would then open - as OP suggests - in a separate tab within your gmail account interface. Perhaps the OP or anyone else who has done this can confirm or correct my guesswork?

  Pineman100 17:33 10 Jan 2009

Hmmm - sorry, I'm just not getting this.

When I connect to Google Mail by clicking 'Mail' on the secure site, it opens up my Inbox exactly as it does on the ordinary site - recognises me and logs me in.

If I go to Settings>Accounts, there are facilities to send my emails as though they were coming from another email account (that I already have), or to receive them from another email account (that I already have).

But unless I'm being really thick (which is distinctly possible!) there is no facility to set up a second Google Mail account for myself.

  MAJ 18:08 10 Jan 2009

click here and then click "Mail".

  Pineman100 10:55 11 Jan 2009

That's my normal route to my email Inbox.

My problem is that on the secure site I get exactly the same. And in Settings>Accounts it doesn't appear to offer me any facility for setting up a second email account.

  br1anstorm 12:15 11 Jan 2009

Pineman... Maybe the OP will explain how he did it? Meanwhile I'm just thinking this through logically. Perhaps if you

- log out of your existing Google mail account;
- clear your cache and cookies (so that Google doesn't automatically recognise you);
- go to Google and set up, from scratch, your second (new) gmail account;
- log out of that;
- then go and sign into your original gmail account, go to Settings etc. and "add" your second gmail account.

Best of luck!

  MAJ 12:23 11 Jan 2009

What happens if you click here Pineman100?

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