run ie from one hd and not the other?

  blowworm 18:09 28 Apr 2003

Have been having mega problems to get the net to work properly on my main 20gb drive, with ie6. (links often do nothing and pages take aeons to load). Have tried the explorer fix tool, and tried to load ie5 it wouldnt have that,used ieradicator and then had missing files so could not load windows. Used drive image to copy the 1.8 used part of the 20gb disk to a 2.1 hdd, the net is fine on (disconecting the 20gb drive and using the 2gb as a master) that no hang ups and non working links etc.

How if it's poss can I run Iex from the small drive using that as a slave? Being that I cant get shot of ie6 from the main drive?

Tried putting a shortcut from ie6 to desktop from the small drive while that was connected as a slave and that dosent work (probably no surprise to a lot of you!)



  Lú-tzé 18:49 28 Apr 2003

I cannot see any way to do what you suggest.

Have you tried a fresh install of your OS from scratch? - that should solve any problems. It seems to me that your whole system is a little mixed up at this stage.

How about using a different browser - I use Mozilla 1.3 for almost everything and find it very good. Some here also suggest Opera.

But I still think that a fresh install of your OS will help a lot.

  blowworm 19:13 28 Apr 2003

Thanks, have tried re- installing and had all sorts of probs with drivers for the mobo 810lr,dont know what and what not to put in! It would just freeze up when putting inthe mobo display driver. All in all the things a pain, and youve guessed it the crowd I bought it from off ebay kept me messing about "with try this and that" till the warranty ran out! Seething is the word!
Where can I get mozilla1.3?



  Lú-tzé 10:55 29 Apr 2003

Mozilla - click here

To sort out some of your problems:

Find out all the info you can about your pc - mobo, ram, graphics, audio, modem, cd-rom / dvd roms and so on and get the latest drivers for them. Download them all to the second (2gb?) drive.

Have the 20gb as master, fdisk it and format / partition it as you need it to be - eg 6gb for your OS and then 2x7gb for other stuff (or however you want it to be). Keep all the drivers on the 2gb disk (or better still, burn to CD if you can).

Then install your OS from the beginning, on, for example, C drive. [It will have to be C drive if you are using win95/98/Me - win 2k / xp can go onto any drive.] Don't install any mobo drivers unless there is a good reason - most will be fine with the built in support from Windows.

Then install your drivers, one at a time, for, for example the graphics, modem, monitor and so on.

Reboot between each installation.

It will take time, but will also mean that you know the source of any conflicts which occur and so on.

Have a look at Aida32 and it will give you a detailed breakdown of the components on your PC.
click here

I hope this is of some help to you - you seem to have enough knowledge to get going. Good luck with it all.

  Lú-tzé 10:56 29 Apr 2003

PS click here for info re. fdisk.

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