Ruling vertical lines.

  Meshuga 12:08 25 Nov 2007

My os is xphome. I want to rule vertical lines on A4 paper using either Wordpad or AbiWord. These are the only 2 progs I have for this purpose. Is it possible to do this, and if so, How. I don`t want to have to get a special prog to do it as this will be a oneoff job. Many thanks.

  MAJ 12:15 25 Nov 2007

Does this help any, for Abiword? click here

Although I would guess OpenOffice is better at doing it. click here and it's free.

  martjc 12:21 25 Nov 2007

...I think you've misunderstood. He wants VERTICAL lines to be drawn on a4 sheets, not indents and tabs.

Sorry Meshuga, No idea how to do it.

  Meshuga 12:24 25 Nov 2007

MAJ, thank you. I will download Open Office and try that. Thanks again.

  martjc 12:25 25 Nov 2007

...Maybe the 'pipe' character would help you. This is usually to the left of the spacebar [using shift]. It gives: | . Try using a line of these.

  Meshuga 12:27 25 Nov 2007

OK martjc, thanks for replying.

  martjc 12:30 25 Nov 2007

... It can be done in Paint. I'm sure you have a copy of this [well fairly sure] It comes free with your O/S, and is a drawing/painting program.

  MAJ 12:34 25 Nov 2007

I realise that Meshuga requires vertical lines, but I thought that:

"Line tabs draw a vertical line on the page, and otherwise function as left tabs. They are most use when drawing up tables." (taken from my link)

was the answer, maybe not though. Try OpenOffice then.

  wiz-king 12:39 25 Nov 2007

Set up as a table and only colour the lines you need, that's if you can in either of those programs.

  martjc 12:52 25 Nov 2007

...your lines could be of different thicknesses and/or colours too.

  Meshuga 15:31 25 Nov 2007

Have come across a DVD from the front cover of PCA Mag from some time ago with Open Ofice 2.3 on it and will install it and see what happens. Will tick resolved for now. Thanks for all replies.

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