Rude Web Sites in my Registry

  blackjohn 19:10 29 Sep 2005

Whilst searching through the registry I came across the following folder
HK CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains.

This contains hundreds of sub-folders. Listed below are some examples of those sub folders:

I know that I have never visited any of these sites and nobody else has used my machine since it was built from new.

My questions are how did the folders appear in my registry, as I have been using Firefox for the last year?. Also can I safely remove them from the registry?

  VoG II 19:13 29 Sep 2005

I suspect that they are domains that are blocked.

Open Internet Explorer, Tools|Internet Options, Security tab. Click on Restricted Sites, then click the Sites button and see if they are listed there.

  GaT7 19:19 29 Sep 2005

Looks like you have SpywareBlaster (or similar) installed. As VoG says, they are domains that are blocked, so don't remove them. G

  blackjohn 19:20 29 Sep 2005

cheers VOG I will try your suggestion.

Signing off tonight I'll get back to you tommorrow

  blackjohn 11:34 30 Sep 2005

VOG Crossbow 7

Yes you were right but I haven't used SpywareBlaster only A2, Spybot & Avast.

So would any of those of loaded them or would it have happened when I installed SP2.

Does Firefox use the restricted sites from I.E?

As I rarely use the internet at home, only at the public library do I need to keep these restricted sites.

If I removed them from the registry would it improve Boot Time? (As there are hundreds of entries.The reason I ask is when I have used some of the registry cleaners they only find a few dozen, their claim being that use of these cleaners improve PC performance)

  €dstowe 14:16 30 Sep 2005

Don't mess about with the registry unless you know excatly what you are doing - and you don't know otherwise you wouldn't be asking here. You can easily destroy your computer setup by just one wrong click of the mouse when you're in the registry.

The best thing to do is keep out. You won't make any significant improvements tickling about removing these folders you complain about.

If you do insist on looking in places you shouldn't go, make certain you have a good backup of your whole system.

Another thing is that any improvement in boot up times on removing these files will be so small, you will wonder why you bothered. If boot up times are long, switch your machine on then go and make a cup of tea or whatever while it does its stuff.

  gudgulf 14:43 30 Sep 2005

If you use the Immunize function of Spybot S&D it will add entries to the registry in the same way as SpywareBlaster.

It will make no difference whatsoever to your boot time as these entries don't actually load into memory like a background program.They simply sit in the registry and fool the installers of the malware they are protecting against into thinking the malware is already installed.I would advise that you do not remove these entries.

Bear in mind that the registry contains many thousands of entries....removing a couple of hundred wont make much difference......In the case of a registry cleaners,they look for references to programs that no longer exist and missing shortcuts for example.That type of registry entry could potentially confuse and slow down Windows and a periodic clearout of that sort of clutter from the registry is probably a good thing.

  GaT7 16:50 30 Sep 2005

"Does Firefox use the restricted sites from I.E?" - No, but Spybot may add these restricted sites just like it did for IE.

"As I rarely use the internet at home, only at the public library do I need to keep these restricted sites." - Yes, keep them. Many users (including yours truly) click on harmless-looking links (or links in a Google search, for example) which aren't so harmless.

On the other hand, you may be disgusted that these entries are on your PC & want to get rid of them as a result, or, you're afraid someone may look into your registry (or the list of blocked dodgy sites in IE/Firefox), and jump to the conclusion that you've been visiting these sites, (& they cannot be convinced otherwise, & which may also result in an undesired relationship breakdown or something as bad), then you may have no other alternative but delete these entries. Sorry, for the very long sentence, but you get the drift ; ). In the end it's your choice. G

  wee eddie 17:39 30 Sep 2005

I'll take an example from the past.

If in the late 1950's you bought a copy of the Spectator magazine that contained an article about the Criminal Prosecution of the Publishers of T.E.Lawrence's book "Lady Chatterley's lover".

You did not get prosecuted for owning or reading the book.

  blackjohn 13:18 01 Oct 2005

thanks for all your comments, which are all duly noted.

gudgulf's comments are quite pertinent, but I have used several registry cleaners over the last couple of years and they all seem to find different entries.

£dsstowe I use ERUNT to back up the registry approximately every couple of months and use Drive Image 7.

Various threads in this forum and in Pc magazines recommend a clean install of XP on a regular basis to improve performance. I prefer the incremental approach and "clean-up" my machine of "bloatware" to maintain its efficiency in running programmes like Photoshop 7.

This was the reason behind the query.

But thanks again for all your response

  GaT7 16:21 02 Oct 2005

I'm alarmed at the latter part of the post I made - it's like I was in a different world or something (no it was not alcohol - I've been a teetotaller for 12-13 years).

Thanks for pointing it out wee eddie : ) G

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