Rubbish email

  antiqueuser 14:28 12 Feb 2007

I get about a dozen emails every day trying to sell me medications or investments. Every time it is a different sender name and email address so I can't filter them out normally. Is there any way I can stop these please?

  Manteno 14:36 12 Feb 2007

Before you open emails go to Select 'Secure Login' and enter your details. A list of your mail will appear. You can then tick the mail you do not want and delete before opening in Outlook Express. I use this all the time. Only takes a couple of mintes

  VoG II 14:46 12 Feb 2007
  Quiet Life 14:46 12 Feb 2007

I was recommended to Mailwasher free last week and I have found it to be first class.
It sets itself up automatically to your pop3 mail account and can be configured very easily.
I was being inundated with e-mails where as a Bcc they were not addressed to me. In the main these were to four other names and they are now all deleted on the server. It automatically imports your address book and shows up any e-mails from parties not included in it and these can also be deleted if you wish.
A fisrt class easily configured piece of free software.

  €dstowe 14:53 12 Feb 2007

Only a dozen a day - blimey, you're lucky!

About 500/day on one of my business accounts.

Follow the advice given but also check to see if your service provider has a spam trap that you could switch in.

  antiqueuser 14:58 12 Feb 2007

Thanks for replies. Will try Mailwasher.

  skeletal 15:29 12 Feb 2007

I’m getting these as well. The problem is that they appear to keep coming from a different person, so I don’t think normal filtering etc rules will be any good.

I used to use Mailwasher a lot when I was on dial up as it was very handy to get rid of junk before waiting hours for the download. On broadband I just download and delete from the inbox.

Until these pests face stronger deterrents (political correctness prevents me from suggesting the punishments I think they deserve!), we will have to put up with it I guess.


  terryf 15:34 12 Feb 2007

I am lucky, my ISP (Eclipse) has a spam trap that allows partial addresses so that I can stop nearly all undesired messages from the 'buycosmetics' full web address

  antiqueuser 18:43 13 Feb 2007

Have discovered that the mailer that I have just started using, PocoMail 4 has a facility to view all the headers that are on the server before downloading and with the option to get or delete selected ones when I hit the "process" button.. I find this more convenient than Mailwasher. Not happy about downloading them and deleting afterwards in case the main body of the text has something nasty in it that my scanner misses.

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