royhi 12:40 25 Jun 2009

i have just installed ie 8 via windows auto update but it seems to have wiped out most of my games i have tried to re install one but although it will install it will not play any ideas

  Technotiger 12:49 25 Jun 2009

Try a System Restore back to before your 'upgraded' to IE8. I am sticking to IE7 for the foreseeable future, seems to be too many problems with IE8 at the moment.

  royhi 14:58 25 Jun 2009


  Clapton is God 15:41 25 Jun 2009

Welcome to PCA. However, you've managed to commit two sins in just 2 posts (read the Forum rules).

Firs you given you thread a title that tells us nothing (it should give us a clue to your problem/question).

Second, you then proceed to shout at by using capitals. Is your Caps Lock stuck?

  tullie 16:18 25 Jun 2009

I would have thought that your favs would have still been in IE8,maybe im wrong.Why would it affect any games you have installed?I am prepared to be proved wrong on both counts.

  Technotiger 18:56 25 Jun 2009

Don't be put-off by the comments from forum members, they are only trying to be helpful. When
Clapton is God said ' Welcome to PCA, that is exactly what he meant - you Are Welcome to the best forum on the 'Net, come here regularly and you will learn a lot! I am guessing (probably incorrectly :-)) that you are a young Newbie, especially to Forums, but if you download and print out the Forum Rules you will be better equipped to present your problems and to get the answers you are looking for.

The Download link is at top right-hand corner, opposite the Helproom title with the brown background.

As tullie said, using System Restore should not have 'lost' your favourites.

  lotvic 19:43 25 Jun 2009

royhi hasn't done a System Restore

royhi, As you can now surmise - it's a madhouse on here.

We're all making a lash up of this thread ;-)) lol

  lotvic 19:44 25 Jun 2009

he has tried a System Restore.
That's it, I'm taking a break.

  royhi 11:09 26 Jun 2009

Thanks guys sorry if i offended any of you
in answer to several questions i have tried a system restore and this reverted to ie 7 but with no favourites or history bars
Ihave now restored my system to present date with ie 8 but it still fails to run my games that were previously installed but i get no error messages the system appears to recognise that they are there but at the "play" stage nothin happens

  Technotiger 14:59 26 Jun 2009

Have you looked under the View tab to find your Favs and History bars?

I would advise you to stick with IE7 for a bit longer, IE8 still appears to have some problems for some people, not just you.

  lotvic 16:11 26 Jun 2009

Are the games installed and in your programs list?

Are they listed in Control Panel > 'Add/Remove'

Presume you are using XP? please confirm.

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