Roxio slideshow saga

  stlucia2 19:47 04 Jul 2011

I tried Ashampoo while I was waiting for my update of Roxio CD and DVD Creator to turn up. It did the job, but I've uninstalled it now in favour of Roxio.

In my opinion Roxio has a better interface than Ashampoo for making slideshows, but I can't get it to burn them to DVD. I've got about 400 images, and I've made them into slideshows, divided between 6 menu items, by dragging and dropping images into Roxio's "Create Slideshows". Then I've combined the slideshows using "Create DVD", and put my titles on the menu and buttons. Total size is about 1Gb, so no problem fitting onto a standard DVD.

But, when I go to "Burn", Roxio seems to start off okay, but if I've told it to burn to DVD, it skips several of the steps, shows nothing in the little monitor screen, puts a green tick against "Complete", and then reports that there was an error while encoding movies, or menus, or something (not always the same process). I then tried to create an ISO image on my HDD, instead of burning to DVD, and it progressed much further through the movie encoding stage -- showing some of the images on the monitor screen -- before giving up as before.

The workaraound I've got is to create each slideshow as an mpeg file using Corel Video Studio 11, and then drag and drop those "movies" into Roxio DVD Creator, using the same six menus as before. I haven't tried burning it direct to a DVD, but no problem creating an ISO image this way, and then burning it to a DVD.

I'm using Windows XP SP3 with all updates, my processor is Athlon 64 dual core 4600+, I've got 3Gb of RAM, and 75Gb free on my C:\ drive and 410Gb free on the drive that holds the photos. Any ideas how to make my Roxio create and burn slideshows without having to use another software to make them into mpeg files, please?

  Covergirl 12:52 05 Jul 2011

Found on this on Google as the first result for create slideshow in Roxio

I presume this is the version and method you are using?

Other than that, no idea. Just ensure you follow the steps and you are not missing out something crucial.

  stlucia2 19:27 05 Jul 2011

Thanks, Covergirl, your link describes exactly what I've been doing, except I didn't add any sound to the slideshows. What it doesn't seem to cover though is putting more than one slideshow onto a single DVD, with menu buttons, which is what I'm trying to do. And that tutorial also misses out the final process after you've clicked on the "Burn" button, which is where things start to go wrong for me.

  stlucia2 08:09 07 Jul 2011

Just to clarify, I can create slideshows okay, with menu buttons, I can save them as a Project, I can then re-open the Project and edit the individual slideshows. The only thing I can't do is successfully burn a DVD or an ISO image of the Project.

I can burn an ISO image if I make my slideshows into .mpg files first, using another software, and then add the .mpg files into a Roxio slideshow project.

  eedcam 08:36 07 Jul 2011

I would export the project as asuitable file format say Mpeg2 if roxio does that it still needs to be authored to make a proper dvd I would then use DVD flick its free and just add the file ( virtually any format) |I would make an Iso image first check that then burn when required . Flick uses Imgburn to burn with it installs it both better than roxio for the task link text

  stlucia2 11:40 07 Jul 2011

Thanks, eedcam.

Checking my options, I see no way to export either my complete Project or the individual Slideshows as mpeg files. But what I did find was the option to "Change Project Type to AVCHD". I did this, and then clicked on the "Burn" button, and it's gone through the whole process without an error -- encoding 3 slideshows and the menu, and then saving them onto my HDD as a disk image. It took over twice as long as the actual slideshow duration, but completed without any error reported. I'll just have to see the result when I burn this to DVD now.

  eedcam 11:52 07 Jul 2011

AVCHD ? you must have a massive file now and even if it was samll enough to fit a std dvd I doubt it will burn to it as a playable dvd I may be wrong .Also even if it does you will have to use a bluray player . Please keep informed of what happens very curious. Have you tried playing the Iso on the pc first?

  stlucia2 17:01 07 Jul 2011

Luckily my new DVR does have a bluray player, and I've burned the iso to a standard DVD, and it plays on my DVR/TV as it should. Total file size was 1.6Gb for about 30-minute slideshow.

Previously, when it wasn't encoding/burning properly, my Project type was "DVD". It seems odd that changing it to an HD type (I presume that's the main difference) has enabled Roxio to work properly. Could the fact that my photos are from a new camera (Canon Ixus 115 HS) that records HD video have anything to do with it -- even though I'm only using still photos in this case?

  eedcam 18:42 07 Jul 2011

Glad its working still puxzzled by the format choice though. HD only applies to the video not stills what does the disc diplay on the PC when explored

  Number six 23:09 07 Jul 2011


The saga continues! It's been a while since I used Roxio software, and later versions might be different from how I remember it, but this is how I used to do what you are trying to achieve:

Create first slideshow, save as project with appropriate name.

Repeat 5 more times for the other slideshows/projects. Note that you now have 6 projects, not one project containing 6 slideshows!

Fire up DVD-Video creator, select "add title" (or similar) add first slideshow/project.

Repeat 5 more times for the other projects/slideshows.

Your DVD menu should now display 6 buttons for the relevant slideshows.

  stlucia2 08:06 08 Jul 2011

This is driving me mad! I tried to repeat burning an .iso image in AVCHD mode, and it went through the encoding process for each movie, then the menus, but it then gave an error message "Project_BuildToDevice() Author Script call failed. Error while Writing Format". But, it then put a green tick against the "Write Format" item in the Burn Project window, and against the "Complete" item, yet it had not created an .iso file. I did this twice, about 90 minutes each, with the same error message and no .iso file.

So, I thought "what the heck", and started a new project in DVD mode. I added exactly the same four movies (slideshows, in fact) that I'd been using before, edited the menu titles to what I wanted, and it went through the burning process without error, producing an .iso file on my HDD. Total time was about 15 minutes. The process was exactly as you describe, Number six, except that each individual slideshow, after being saved, is considered to be a "movie" when adding it into a DVD project. If I try to "Add Slideshow" to my DVD project, it takes me to the Create a Slideshow sub-program to start adding new photos. The only difference from what was unsuccessful previously was that I used a different menu style.

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