Roxio or Nero.

  nickhick 19:46 03 Jun 2003

Hello there.
My new computer came bundled with Roxio's Easy CD Creator Basic vers 5.3, although I have not loaded it yet. Having read the helproom on this subject it seems that there is lot of variance of opinion as to which is a better product i.e. Roxio or Nero 5. What, in your considered opinion, is the better product and which will cause me least grief. To date any burning that I've done had been done with Win XP's built in software which I believe is a much cut down version of the Roxio product.

  -pops- 19:50 03 Jun 2003

I think the overwhelming vote here will be for Nero.

I know my vote goes there.


  mikef™ 20:04 03 Jun 2003

As you say you will get both opinions, to even it up at the beginning I prefer Roxio as I much prefer the user interface, but this could be because I started with Roxio as my first burner. But whichever you choose I'm sure you won't really regret it.

  phil 21:51 03 Jun 2003

2-1 to Roxio then.

  monkeyshine 21:53 03 Jun 2003

Roxio has the better interface, makes burning child's play.

  broggs 22:35 03 Jun 2003

roxio is the best version 6 is the best.

  Eagie 22:42 03 Jun 2003

I haven't used Nero so it is unfair to say that you shouldn't try it. However I am more than happy with Roxio - though I think it may have caused my system a few problems before I downloaded the update (not that I want to make any unsubstantiated allegations - it is all fine now). It is straight forward to use and it burns and copies CDs which what I need it to do.

I am sure that both programs are good and will do what you need them to do. Why not give the version of Easy Cd Creator you have a go? If you get on with it and find it works all well and good, if not take a look at the alternatives (i.e. Nero). Or, to go back a step further, if you are happy with facilities built-in to XP (which, as you said, are supplied by Roxio) then why change?

  BillEmm 23:16 03 Jun 2003

I have used both quite extensively and would qualify the products into two categories:

1. For techies and

2. For the not so clever.

ECDC is the world leader because it is easier to use - therefore its for category 2 people.

The Nero interface has become better of late but it still makes its own decisions at times. It requires more than a new user knowledge to operate all its functions - so its for category 1 users.

If you read this and other boards you will find that there are more problems with Nero. Not because ECDC is a better written product, but because of the greater skill required.

I prefer DirectCD to InCD. The former will drag and drop to CDRs as well as CDRWs. The latter only writes to CDRWs.

One thing is for sure: both products will do the job equally well.

The choice is not between two products but which one suits you best and as you have ECDC at no cost, I would give it a good outing before even thinking about anything else.

PS. ECDC is my choice - I like things easy.

  fullywired23 23:20 03 Jun 2003

No Contest
Nero every time

regards viejo

  Totally-braindead 23:23 03 Jun 2003

I use both depending on what I'm doing, for most things I use Nero but find Easy CD Creator good for burning LPs to CD for example

  Granger 23:24 03 Jun 2003

I'm not a tech head but I prefer Nero. Its interface is a bit clunky but it works every time and gives you more flexibility. Give me performance over looks every time...I really should re-phrase that.

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