Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5

  o44wen 20:40 06 May 2005

Hi, i just got this programme yesterday but when i tried to load up the extra CD with the "content" on it ( themes, templetes and more) it will not autorun.

Every other CD i have will auto run! I tried exploring it and clicking on the autorun icon but it will not work :(

I can get in and view all the content but i just cant see anywhere to load them all on my PC to use with the programme at a later date.

Please someone come to my resue. I am sure i am probably missing something basic,


  pimpers 00:16 07 May 2005

If it is not auto running try hitting the start button/run and click on the browse button and then click on the drive with the cd in.

Find the icon/words "setup" and click on it. This should run the programme for you.

Some disks choose not to auto run for some reason.


  o44wen 00:40 07 May 2005

it came with a pop up saying,

"please go to the Control Panel to install and configure system components"

I done that but all it does is go through the setup again, it doesnt accept the extras CD, and wont install any off them.


I bought this cause i had problems with Pinnacle (which was free), this i paid 40 quid for and was hoping would work 100%!!! But a least all the programmes in it work, now i just need to extras to install.

Please help

  SANTOS7 00:50 07 May 2005

You need to do a full (complete) installation, not a standard or typical install and you will be prompted during installation for the Content CD.
statement from here
click here
hope it helps, good luck...

  o44wen 01:28 07 May 2005

cheers for that.

I knew it was something simple!!

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