Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 Platinum.

  Gugs 17:29 28 Jan 2004

Win98SE. Have just downloaded above prog., (it took a couple of hours + even on broadband.) but it won't install, advising that "I still have Easy Creator 4 on my PC - remove it and retry 6."
I removed 4 some while ago so that I could install 'Nero' and I can not now find any trace of it, even using Start, Find Files. Can anyone assist please? Regards.

  Cuddles 18:12 28 Jan 2004

You need to use regedit to remove the last traces of version 4. START>RUN>REGEDIT>FIND>type in Roxio press enter, entries will be highlighted,press delete,enter to confirm F3 to resume search,then type in easy creator 4 and delete in same way.

  Gugs 20:55 28 Jan 2004

Thanks but that only brought-up 'Roxio-GoBack' which,as you probably know, is a seperate programme and quote ThreadingModel "Apartment" unquote whatever that is. Cheers.

  Jester2K 21:00 28 Jan 2004

Do you have GoBack installed? I ask because Roxio have a progam that removes all Roxio products - sadly its no selective and just blasts away at any Roxio products...

  Gugs 21:09 28 Jan 2004

Yes I have GoBack installed but that need not bother me as I can reinstall (I hope). Do you know how I can aquire the Roxio 'Blaster'. Thanks

  Jester2K 21:22 28 Jan 2004

Found it - its called Roxizap.


click here (40 kb)

Now someone said it only targets Easy CD and others say its all Roxio products. Because of GoBack being installed i'd be hesitant to use it...

I'd be happier following the Clean Uninstall instructions for EasyCD 4
click here first as it takes you through the files you need to find.

  Gugs 00:29 29 Jan 2004

Played safe and tried the clean uninstall first x without success. So went for the Roxizap which SAID that it worked only on Easy CD 4&5. Your warning was well founded - it cleaned up previous left-overs from 4&5 and enabled me to install new programme Platinum 6 OK but it removed GoBack and other progs. are now playing silly beggars.
Still I've got 6 on. Thanks all for all your help. Regards.

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