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  maz2 00:30 14 Apr 2004

I hope someone can give me some Ideas on this I have Version 5 installed and fully updated, but I am having problems with the direct cd, it wont give me the option to SEND TO the cdrw driver, I also have Version 6 which I uninstalled as I didn't like it but had no problems with the Direct cd on this version. Is there any way I can install the Direct CD off the version 6 as a stand alone programme everytime I try it keeps telling me to uninstall version 5 I'm sure I read somewhere that you could do a custom installation but I can't think how, any help appreciated

  GaT7 00:50 14 Apr 2004

May be you can 'explore' (as against letting it autorun) the version 6 CD, locate the setup program for DirectCD alone & install from there?

  temp003 03:16 14 Apr 2004

If the only problem you're having is you're missing the "send to > CD Drive" shortcut, you can try re-creating it and see if it will work.

If you use XP, navigate to the c:\documents and settings\[username]\Send To\ folder. If you can't see the Send To folder, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and tick "Show hidden files and folders" and click OK.

Double click the Send To folder. Right click an empty part and select New > Shortcut. Choose your CDRW drive and click OK. You can rename the shortcut to CD Drive or CDRW or whatever you like.

Then put in a formatted CDRW, right click any file and select Send To > CDRW, and see if it works.

  maz2 11:03 14 Apr 2004

How do you explore?

  maz2 11:12 14 Apr 2004

Also the shortcut appears when there is no disc in the drive but disappears when I insert one

  GaT7 15:19 14 Apr 2004

Press Shift, then put the version 6 CD in the drive. Keep Shift pressed till the drive's status light stops blinking (this is to avoid the CD autorunning).

Right-click the CD-drive & click on Explore (not Open). You'll see a few files/folders in the righthand pane. Browse the folders thoroughly until you find the DirectCD folder (it may be named something else*). Open the DirectCD folder & click on the setup file (.exe) to start the installation for DirectCD alone.

[*As I don't have the DirectCD disc I cannot tell you exactly where this is or what it's called. Maybe someone else who does will be able to point you in the right direction if you cannot find it. Also, it may not be present as a separate setup program in the first place!]

  maz2 16:49 14 Apr 2004

OK Thanks for that I'll give it a try later on

  hssutton 16:57 14 Apr 2004

Version 6 does not have direct Cd, It as an updated version called "Drag to Disk" this can be installed as a stand alone program. Just go through the initial set-up procedure as normal, you will then be able to deselect the components that you do not require.

Not sure what it is that you dislike about v6 as it's far superior to v5, however each to his/her own.

  maz2 20:15 15 Apr 2004

I didn't like it as I use soundstream a lot, it seems to be very good if you do a lot with video but as I don't I preferred 5. I tried to install drag to disk as a stand alone programme but it won't let me as I have 5 installed, it says I have to uninstall that first

  GaT7 23:51 15 Apr 2004

Completely uninstall ECDC 5 first (incl. DirectCD). Next try to install just the Drag to disk program from v6 (as per hssutton's suggestion). Finally install ECDC 5 leaving out DirectCD.

Or, try uninstalling just DirectCD 5 (NOT the entire ECDC 5 program) first & then try to install just Drag to disk from v6.

Also, when attempting to install Drag to disk don't go through the normal ECDC setup dialogue if you can avoid it, as it will keep throwing up the warning to uninstall the other version first. Instead use the 'explore' method I taught you above, single it out & install from there (if it's possible).

  maz2 00:35 16 Apr 2004

Ok I'll give it a try tomorrow too late now my eyeballs are sore

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