Roxio DVD writing question.

  Brazils 19:59 08 Nov 2004

I have previously heard the saying 'multi-session', and in Roxio I get the option to make a disk 'read only'. I take this to mean 'closed' or 'finalised'? I am new to DVD writing and I am a bit unsure of what all this terminology means. Is there a good site that explains all this?

If I don't make the DVD read only, does this mean I can add more to it later. If yes, does it have to be DV+/-RW disks I use, or will it work with DV-R or DV+R?

Thanks in advance.

  SEASHANTY 20:14 08 Nov 2004

Do not have the Roxio DVD Suite only Easy CD creator so cannot comment on just what Roxiodoes in regard to DVD's. However in the CD Roxio suite if you open this suite and click on "help" somewhere on the right of one of the top lines it gives a vast amount of info in relation to the product. I am sure that the DVD suite will alaso provide similar information. Try it.

  Brazils 20:42 08 Nov 2004

I've had a good look at Roxio's help and online forums.

The software help, while good in places, is very vague in others. It mentions adding files to an "appendable disk", but doesn't say what this is. It's advice on burning mentions the choice to tick the "make read only" box, but doesn't explain why you would. Get my point?

To make the questions simpler; can I write to a DV-R more than once to add more files?

  chris05 20:51 08 Nov 2004

In answer to your question on dvd standards it all depends on your dvd burner what you can or can not burn to if you burner is multi format it will not matter if you use + or - Rewritables. its basically just a name the - and the + standard. And as for your question on Roxio I would imagine if you where to make a disk read only then you would not be able to edit disk contents or add to contents for a wild stab in the dark not got the program though just an educated guess. hope this helps :-)

  chris05 20:53 08 Nov 2004

Maybe this link will help you put with roxio good luck click here

  Brazils 22:26 08 Nov 2004

I have a multi-format dual-layer DVD recorder. I am aware of the standards (+/-). What I need to know is whether I can, for example, write 1GB today and another 1Gb next week to the same disk? And would the disk have to be +/-R or +/-RW?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:41 08 Nov 2004

it doesnt matter whether its +/-R or +/-RW as long as you dont finalise the disc, however you will only be able to fill the unused space, unless of course your using rewritable discs. the same applies though dont close/finalise the disc untill your totally happy that your finished writing to it.


  Tenacious Green 22:45 08 Nov 2004

I have the basic edition of Easy CD/DVD Creator and am able to multi-session CD'S. I must admit I havn't tried with DVD's.

Anyway try this in Classic Creator -

Insert your previously used disk - Format should not matter as long as it's got space and hasn't been finalised. Choose what you want to add to the project and it should prompt you that the disk already has data on it and asks you if you want to add more. Click yes and when you click on Burn just ensure that the option finalize session don't finalize disk (or similar) is checked.

Hope it works

When I get some DVD-r's I'll try it.

  Brazils 09:05 09 Nov 2004

You have answered my question. I'll try it. I never knew you could write to a disk more than once! I've never even tried with a CD. I always thought it was write once, and I always used RW disks. I appreciate that you cannot erase normal CDs and DVDs.

Thanks again.

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