Roxio CD burn software

  Guesswho 14:24 07 Oct 2005

Can someone advise re the usefulness of Roxio RecordNow De Luxe LE on the CD with the August issue of PC Answers.
I had so much trouble with with Pinnacle CD/DVD Suite on my newish Evesham computer that I uninstalled it. Since then I've just used the native CD burn software in XP which has been fine for data, music and photos.
I'm hesitant about trying some other burning software in case I get more trouble!
What can the XP burn stuff NOT do?!

  JYPX 16:11 07 Oct 2005

Started using Record Now a couple of years ago when it was Veritas Record Now. I like it very much, to the extent that I have never been tempted by Nero, well not yet anyway. I just wish they would make up their minds if the current software is Sonic Record Now or Roxio Record Now, (I think Roxio is owned by Sonic). If you are indeed able to register the product without limitations, for free, I consider that to be a bargain! Nero 6 is currently half price at Amazon (Nero 7 is just out) but that is still £30 to burn your discs....

  Guesswho 10:28 10 Oct 2005

Thanks JYPX. The mag claims that it is the Full program but I've not yet got the self confidence to install it!
Just one further query - if I replace the CD writer with a DVD writer, will this software allow me to write to it?
Many thanks.

  pj123 11:04 10 Oct 2005

You can buy Nero 6 from click here for £3.49 plus postage. That's where I got mine from and then update it to the latest version for free from the Nero website at click here
You will need to download Package 1 and Package 2 but they are both around 35mb each.

  freaky 11:10 10 Oct 2005

I thoroughly recommend Nero6 Reloaded this contains the full suit of programs.

It is very comprehensive, and beats anything else I have used. If you buy the boxed version, then you also get a kit for labelling CD/DVD's as well!

  JYPX 21:12 10 Oct 2005

In answer to your last question. Yes.

  plsndrs3 08:45 11 Oct 2005

I was given a new DVD writer [OEM] as a birthday present and installed this software as nothing was supplied with the burner and I only had an old version of Nero thst won't burn DVDs. I have always used Nero since CD writers were first available on the open market and couldn't get on with Roxio so eventually went out & purchased Nero 6. NOTHING wrong with the program though as it was fully functional and did its job well - I just wanted an interface I recognised.

Having bought Nero 6, I didn't get what I was after as the screens look cluttered [to me] and I had a bit of time trying to sort out InCD so maybe i should have just stuck with Roxio?

Hope that this helps.


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