01chris 14:49 28 Mar 2005

If i have a network with 3 pcs on and i have a broadband connection to one of them, can i get the other two pc's be able to connect through the first pc (to the broadband internet connection) or will i have to buy a router?

  Paranoid Android 23:37 28 Mar 2005

Yes you can. You need a bit of software to perform the function of a proxy server. This is used on the gateway machine (the one connected to the internet).

The other two machines are set up to connect through the LAN to the IP address of the gateway machine.

One I have used successfully is the excellent 602Lan Suite from click here

Home use is free for up to 5 users.


  Strawballs 23:57 28 Mar 2005

You could use a hub to connect the PC's together and use ICS (internet connection shareing)

  Jsimbaz 00:00 29 Mar 2005

they might be able to give you more help at the network forum

  igk 00:32 29 Mar 2005

Paranoid Android is correct but if you do it this way you will have to have the "gateway" pc turned on all the time that others may want to access the internet, In my opinion the best way is to get a router,as you have a network I assume that you are using a network hub/switch,so if you get a router make sure that your hub/switch has an "uplink" port because that is where the router is connected to.This will allow all pc's to access the internet through your Broadband connection independantly.
Don't forget to use antivirus and firewalls(rec Zone Alarm free version) on every pc.Routers have firewall software but I find it is all or nothing so mine is disabled.hth.

  Paranoid Android 09:08 29 Mar 2005

I agree with igk - the best option for long term use is a decent router, and in fact that's the way I have now gone. This gives me an always-on connection to eachmachine with a hardware firewall.

However the question was specifically about avoiding the need to install a router, to which I stick by my earlier comments - as long as the machine is on, the result should be smooth and effortless sharing of the connection. Using a proxy server gives the advantage of optional built in firewall, spam handling, mail handling etc. I was using this method without problems until quite recently.

Set up all 3 machines with their own AV, configured to update automatically.


  01chris 13:04 29 Mar 2005

thanks that helps a lot, now i now what i need to buy and what i dont need

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