Routers, Xbox 360/PC

  DannyChiz 15:43 21 Jan 2007

I'm already sharing the connection between my PC & my 360. I've got my PC connected to the modem via usb & the 360 connected to the PC via ethernet. Problem is I need to leave the PC on while online on the 360 & sometimes my younger brother forgets & turns the PC off once he's finished using it so I get disconnected. Therefore if I buy a router the only devices that'll need to be turned on for my Xbox to be online will be the router, modem & the Xbox surely?

Also I know I'd have to have a wireless router to use a wireless network adapter for the 360 but could I still connect a wireless router to the PC via ethernet if I wanted to?(Like the below)

[img]click here[/img]

Then I realised routers with the USB ports are not used to connect to the modem & I can't use an ethernet cable to connect them as the ethernet port on my modem is faulty.

Then someone said 'I would pay a little but more and just buy a router with a built in modem.' So would that mean I wouldn't have to use my NTL modem anymore?

So instead of having this:
[img]click here[/img]

I would have this:
[img]click here[/img]

Using one of [url=click here]these[/url]?

So the white cable that comes from my wall would plug straight in to the router & work as if it was an NTL modem? (Surely that's the case otherwise what's the point in buying a router with a built in modem?

Advice please. :)

  mgmcc 19:08 21 Jan 2007

If you have NTL's Cable broadband service, you *MUST* use their supplied Cable Modem and to use a router with it, you *MUST* connect by ethernet. If the Cable Modem's ethernet port is faulty, you need to have it replaced by NTL in order to use a router. There is no way round that.

The router should be a "Cable/DSL Router" - you *CANNOT* use a combined "Router & ADSL Modem" with Cable broadband, that is only for ADSL via the phone line.

  rodriguez 20:16 21 Jan 2007

If the Ethernet port on your cable modem is faulty, the first thing you need to do is contact NTL for a replacement. The router's with built in modems are designed for ADSL services that come through the phone line. Your NTL cable broadband uses a fibre optic cable that comes in from underground, so it wouldn't fit. Once you have a new modem from NTL, you plug it into port 1 of your wireless router then it will broadcast the Internet signal around the house to allow your Xbox to go online.

  DannyChiz 23:45 21 Jan 2007

Okay thanks for the help guys. My friend said if I uninstall my broadband (as it's currently connected via usb) & then connect the broadband to the router via ethernet & then my PC & Xbox via ethernet from the router that my PC should pick up the connection without having to run the installation CD. Is that true? So should NTL give me a free modem box then seens though it's faulty? Also I've misplaced the installation CD. Can they also give me another one of them free?

  mgmcc 08:28 22 Jan 2007

When connecting to the Cable Modem by ethernet, whether directly from a PC or with a router, you don't install any software in the PC and don't require the CD.

  mgmcc 08:30 22 Jan 2007

<<< Once you have a new modem from NTL, you plug it into port 1 of your wireless router >>>

You connect the Cable/DSL Router's *WAN* port to the Cable Modem's ethernet port.

  DannyChiz 23:37 23 Jan 2007

My friend today gave me a new modem which is the ntl 250 model. (Last one was 100) I plugged it all in via ethernet & it all seems fine under the Network Connetions etc yet no web pages or MSN will work. My friend also give me a router but I can't try it out yet as the modem he gave me won't work. So I'm using my old one in the mean time. Anyone know what's up with it?

  DannyChiz 01:55 24 Jan 2007

I've since found out I need to register the modem's mac number to NTL. Is it a case of ringing them, giving them the number & then it should work?

I have NTL and didnt bother talking to "my friend". I bought a cheap router from a local computer parts shop and got advice from the salesman. I plugged in two desktops a laptop and Xbox 360 and had no problems whatsoever. My system is wired as I dont trust wirless yet.

  mgmcc 09:38 24 Jan 2007

<<< I've since found out I need to register the modem's mac number to NTL. >>>

Routers have the facility to "clone" a PC Network Adapter's MAC address. If you already have a MAC address registered with NTL, then enter that same MAC address into the router as its WAN MAC address (routers have two MAC addresses - Wide Area Network and Local Area Network), then you won't need to register again. Otherwise, presumably you can register the router's MAC address online? This was possible with Telewest, but they've since dispensed with the need to register MAC addresses.

  DannyChiz 16:25 24 Jan 2007

Won't NTL find out that I'm using a different modem through the connection though?

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