Routers and Internet Security

  Cloudhopper 06:32 25 Aug 2010

I can't recall where I saw this now but it was either a magazine or newspaper article offering general advice on internet security.

It mentioned the need to upgrade wireless routers due to the security threat they pose and that anything more than a year old could be particularly vulnerable.

I'm interested in how true people think this is and how any threat posed stacks up against other security threats. I have a Netgear router which is about 12 months old. It has wireless capability which I'm not yet using but thinking of implementing.


  wiz-king 06:37 25 Aug 2010

The encryption is better on newer models - if it is set! In my area the message has not got through, nearly half of the wireless networks are still not password protected.

  Cloudhopper 06:45 25 Aug 2010


I'm interested to know, with the encyption switched on therefore, what the risk of attack might be on a 12 month old rerouter compared to a new one with better encryption. I'd have thought from what you say here that anyone wanting to attack a wireless connection would go for the easier pickings. Interested in opinion, or where you could get a more scientific answer from.

  mooly 07:23 25 Aug 2010

The risk of attack is very small... it would have to be someone withinn 100m or so of you.

Check your router or network connections on pc to see what encyption is used,
click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:30 25 Aug 2010

No encryption / password = useless

WEP encryption / password = better than nothing but easily crackable.

WPA pretty good

WPA-PSK good

WPA-PSK 2 best so far.

Newer models 2-3 years old also allow you to
not broadcast your SSID (few people will know you are there - only the "sniffers" will find you.

MAC address filtering means the router will block access to machines not in its MAC list.

All my neighbours are now using password protected routers since I sent them all links to instructions on how to set, via their unprotected networks :0)

  Strawballs 08:43 25 Aug 2010

My Linksys router is about 5yrs old and has WPA-PSK Not broadcast SSID and mac address filtering.

  woodchip 09:30 25 Aug 2010

If that's true I am at big risk. But will continue using my 3Com Router with internal Firewall. As I think the above you read is just a Gaff

  woodchip 09:32 25 Aug 2010

As does mine plus some. Can block ports etc

  woodchip 09:33 25 Aug 2010

Mine is about 9 years old

  Woolwell 11:04 25 Aug 2010

There is some debate about hiding SSID and MAC filtering see click here.

However if the router can set up WPA-PSK 2 then there should be no need to change your router. Until recently I was using a 3 year old router that had all the latest security.

  robin_x 12:01 25 Aug 2010

My new Belkin dongle will insist on booting up with WEP encryption, I have to force it with Advanced Options to go for WPA2-PSK/AES. It only takes a minute but it is annoying.

Auto connect doesn't seem to work at all.

Bloody software designers.

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