Routers don't connect

  fossy1 20:23 24 Jul 2007

I subscribe to Virgin's "Up to 8Mbps" ADSL service. All was fine at 1.4Mbps until last week when I had trouble getting a connection. I eventually managed to gain a connection at 786Kbps which has now risen to 1.0Mbps.
The main problem I have now is that I can only connect via my Thompson Speedtouch modem. I have two routers which will not connect. I have connected to the jack behind the faceplate of the NTE, changed the filter and disconnected the telephone, non of these have made any difference.
Following the advice from another thread in this forum I have found the following:-

Netgear DG834GT router

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 1440 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 63.0 db 31.5 db
Noise Margin 9.4 db 12.0 db

Lynksys WAG200G router

DSL Status: Connected
DSL Modulation Mode: MultiMode
DSL Path Mode: Interleaved
Downstream Rate: 1696 kbps
Upstream Rate: 448 kbps
Downstream Margin: 8 db
Upstream Margin: 13 db
Downstream Line Attenuation: 63 db
Upstream Line Attenuation: 15.5 db
Downstream Transmit Power: 0
Upstream Transmit Power: 0

I have contacted VM technical support about this but the insist that I conduct the BT speedtest over a period of 48hrs. They say they do not support routers unless it's a Netgear supplied by them.

Any comments and advice will be welcomed

  Dipso 21:28 24 Jul 2007

You have done all the right checks to eliminate your internal wiring and posting your line stats is useful. Your DS attenuation of 63 indicates you are a very long distance from the telephone exchange. Your routers are clearly struggling to maintain a signal but the Speedtouch 330 is known to handle long lines fairly well so that is why you can get a connection using that.

Unfortunately though USB modems don't work that well with ADSL Max "up to 8 Meg" in the longer term due to the need to disconect/reconnect each time your switch off the PC.

Some routers however work better with longer lines than others. The Speedtouch 585v6 is one. If you don't mind B-grade you can get one from click here for ~£20.

Looking at your stats, if you can manage to maintain a stable conection for 14 days, you should be able to get nearer 2 Meg from your line.

I can't say for certain why your line has suddenly deteriorated but the terrible wet weather has a lot to answer for!

  fossy1 06:13 26 Jul 2007

Hi Dipso

Thank you for taking the time to respond, the router is on order

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