Routers being switched off at mains

  jg1990 17:28 22 Jan 2005

I've only ever switched my router off using the power button on the back. As the router is in a fairly awkward position I was wondering if it would do any damage to turn it off at the mains instead of using the built in power switch?

Thanks, James

  Jeffers22 17:29 22 Jan 2005

Cannot see how it would harm it at all. I do not have a power switch on mine, if I need to reset it I just pull the power lead. Not done any harm so far.

  Chezdez 17:31 22 Jan 2005

why do you need to switch it off anyway? it's like they use a great deal of electric. i never turn mine off

as for switching off at the wall, i wouldn't imagine it doing any harm

  john-232317 17:46 22 Jan 2005

The only time mine gets switched off is when the Electrickery goes off, quite regular in Spain

  Jeffers22 17:51 22 Jan 2005

Two prime reasons for turning it off:

1. It cannot get hacked if it's off. And routers can be hacked, even if it is extremely unlikely

2. You do your bit towards energy conservation and the reduction in global warming. Tiny effect I know, but it all adds up. Also reduces leccy bill (again by a tiny amount, but again, it all adds up)

  LastChip 18:00 22 Jan 2005

You can turn it off with no ill effects.

Further to Jeffers22's comments, it also releases bandwidth for others to use, when you don't need it. After all, it's no use complaining about charges if you have it switched on 24/7 and then your ISP raises it's tariff to covers its increased costs! It's one thing for a commercial operation to have it switched on H24, but generally quite unnecessary for private users.

  jg1990 18:50 22 Jan 2005

It looks like now I won't have to put my back out everytime I want to switch it off!

Many Thanks, James

  Magik ®© 19:03 22 Jan 2005

mine has been left on since the day it was plugged in......about a year.....

  georgemac 19:27 22 Jan 2005

I switch mine off at the mains every night - well almost - I switch it off at the belkin surge protector.

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