steven_frost 23:02 06 May 2006

Ok i may be being thick but a question i have 2 routers only one is being used for the internet but i have PS2 which i want to connect to the net is it poss to use the other router like a bridge both routers are wirless i know is sounds stupid but i would like to know is it's poss

  mgmcc 23:57 06 May 2006

You won't be able to use a spare wireless router as a "Network Bridge" if that's what you mean. A network bridge is to allow a "wired" network to connect to a "wireless" one, which is the opposite of what the Wireless Access Point in a router does - it allows "wireless" devices to access a "wired" network.

  steven_frost 10:46 07 May 2006

i thought as much my thoughts were that they both transmit a wirless single so i didn't know if you could link the too together all i want it to do is contect my PS2 to the spare router then get the other router to pick it up and then allow the PS2 to connect to the web

  mgmcc 12:30 07 May 2006

This is an over-simplification, but think of the Routers as "receiving" devices and the Wireless Network Adapters in PCs as "transmitting" devices, the two can communicate because one sends and the other receives.

Two routers, both being "receiving" devices, cannot communicate with one another.

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