krysb 07:21 13 Dec 2005

hi, would someone be able to help me please, i have two computers,the older one is a packard bell from pc world the other is a dell i bought online. i am trying to wireless network the two the pb comp has a wireless card in it and an ariel on the back, the dell has a card and ariel as well, the router that came with the dell does not have an adapter and i have not been able to find one as it has a larger pin than normal, the second router i bought from e bay is password protected and we are unable to get past it,(i have tried contacting the person i bought it from with no result) my husband and i are complete novices when it comes to computers so we are not even sure where the router is supposed to be next to the dell comp where the modem is or upstairs with the pb comp and do we still need to have the modem plugged in as it appears that we need the modem to make the router(speedtouch 540) work we have tried to put it back to factory settings but with no luck so if i do have to get a new rather than second hand router what would be recommended, any help would be much appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 13 Dec 2005

Not sure if this is any help but the default password is often


as is the username

  bobbybowls 10:16 13 Dec 2005

Is the router wireless (is there a aerial) or wired

Does it have an modem built in if not you will need to use the external modem

Do you have broadband? If you do is it cable or adsl.

  krysb 07:14 14 Dec 2005

hi bobby thanks for your response yes my router is wireless it has an ariel, yes it appears to have built in modem,although when we tried to set it up we needed our external modem and yes i do have bb and it is adsl

  bobbybowls 07:39 14 Dec 2005

make a wired connection to the pc next to the incoming connection and use that to configure the router then you can set up the wireless links

also have you looked in the network forum there are usefull threads on setting up networks

  krysb 08:00 14 Dec 2005

please define "make a wired connection" as im a complete novice when it comes to comps thanks

  bobbybowls 08:25 14 Dec 2005

There should be a socket in the back of your pc like a phone connection only bigger, it is for a network cable (called cat 5 or rj45) or you could have a USB connection. Try the speedtouch web site for help click here are you certain it is a 540 as I cannot see that model on their web site.

I’m off to work now but hopefully someone else will see this post and help you.

  krysb 10:00 14 Dec 2005

thanks your help has been very much appreciated

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