diesel1948 19:13 26 Jan 2005

Hi Guys I am about to sign up for broadband platinum wth AOL, we have 2 desktop pcs and a laptop. My son came home today with a ADSL modem with built in wireless router and said we would need this to network the 3 computers. As far as I am aware AOL supply a modem free when you join them. This unit he bought cost £90, would he not have been better just buying a router? and could anyone give us an idea or reccomend a good one to buy. I would be most grateful for any advice on this.

  slimbo51 19:35 26 Jan 2005

Been using one made by Peak for quite a while, also supplied to several customers with no probs.

Cost me about £25.00 smackers each so not bad value.

Pick mine up from Computer shows so can't help as regards a normal retail purchase. Probably dearer but not certain.

They do have a Web site with updates Ect.

One Wan and 4 Lans on Ntl 800k B/Band.

  diesel1948 19:53 26 Jan 2005

Thanks for info Slimbo, but I am still wondering do we need this one with ADSL modem included if AOL are going to send free modem. I think we should take it back and change it for one without modem.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:02 26 Jan 2005

AOL might send you a usb modem and usb only,which would be no good as if you wanted to connect a plain router you wouldn't be able to as there are no ethernet ports,i don't think a wireless router w modem is needed if your doing it wired?.i bought a binatone ADSL modem and router for £60.if aol give you one of these cheap usb ones upgrade with built in adsl modem if it has ethernet on it,simple buy a ethernet hub.and link them that way.hope this helps?

  TrueEnigma 17:54 21 Feb 2005

I have just been on another thread 'Wireless Routers' and found some useful info there.
If you want comps to access internet without the main pc being on then you need a router with built in modem. The other benefit it seems, is that each pc is protected by the router's firewall.
Hope this helps

  imakemist 12:28 23 Feb 2005

I have recently set up a wireless broadband connection. I have a laptop, and I have included my daughter's desktop. My daughter lives next door, there is a private entrance between the two houses, and the connection works brilliantly. I also have a desktop, but it is under repair so I haven't incorporated it yet. The free modem you get from your ISP only gives a wired connection. You don't need that and a router as well. I bought a BT package which included a router, a desktop card and a laptop card for about £120. the cost of router varies enormously, but £90 sounds a bit pricey

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:14 23 Feb 2005

money by just using buying a router without the built in modem. I personally chose to buy one with it inbuilt. If the router fails we still have the modem from AOL in reserve. Suppose it depends how many wires/gadgets you want to connect up.

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