Router/Modem set up help

  ACOLYTE 18:44 28 Jul 2006

I have just brought a safecom 5 port combo ADSL Router,and i have set it up acording to the instructions and i have got connected and sharing my con,but it still shows my old BT connection in the connections folder,so can i delete this or would this ruin my setup,also i dont have a connection indicator anymore just a LAN connection indicator is this normal and is there a way to have one showing in the taskbar?.

  ed-0 18:49 28 Jul 2006

Yes delete the old BT setting.

Just the lan icon is fine in the sys tray. If it isn't showing in the sys tray. open control panel > network connections > right click LAN > properties and put a tick in " show in notification area when connected.

  ACOLYTE 18:53 28 Jul 2006

Thx, it is showing a LAn one i was just not sure if the other should be there with BT i had 2 LAN and Conn.Im just finding my way around the admin setup there is so many options its gonna take a while to get it all done lol.

  FelixTCat 19:00 28 Jul 2006


USB modems, like your old BT one, show 2 icons: one is to show that you have an adsl connection and the other is exactly like the old dial-up network icon because you had to start the internet connection manually.

ADSL modem routers automatically connect to the adsl line and log in when you switch them on and feed the internet into your computer through a single port. They are much more efficient and make smaller demands on your computer, allowing to do the things you want.

Happy surfing.



  ed-0 20:30 28 Jul 2006

Make sure you put a password on the router, so no one can alter it's settings. Also if you are ajacent to other properties use some form of encryption. To protect your internet, don't want anyone stealing it.;-)

  ACOLYTE 22:51 28 Jul 2006

I didnt think they could do that as it wasnt a wireless setup?, it is an ethernet setup so do i still need to setup encryption?
one more thing i have an option to enable Mac spoofing i am not sure what it is ,so would i need to enable this?.


  ACOLYTE 22:57 28 Jul 2006


If i do need to enable encryption im not sure how to do this as there is no,well none i can see in the control panel of the router to set it up.

  Stuartli 23:53 28 Jul 2006

A single Ethernet connection via a modem/router is basically the same as a USB modem setup.

So long as your default ISP is listed, you can delete any other unwanted connections.

  ed-0 00:28 29 Jul 2006

Sorry my mistake, I assumed that it had WiFi capability. Most modem routers do.

  ACOLYTE 21:59 29 Jul 2006

Just one problem i cant seem to sort ,my email account wont collect mail i have set it to LAN connection in account/connection but it wont collect any emails,there is no other dial up for it only Lan conn so how do i set it up?

  ACOLYTE 22:01 29 Jul 2006

ed-0,srry should have said i can have it wireless usb or ethernet i got a little usb wireless thing with the router but i wonted to go ethernet route as i am used to that set up ).

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