now goes to Netgear KB

  [email protected]#36 14:31 03 Nov 2009

I can't remember how long I've had my Netgear router now but it's a few years. Not had any serious problems with it but recently, and not long after updating to recent firmware, the desktop icon which normally connects me to the router login screen etc no longer does so, instead sending me to the Netgear KB site.

The icon has always used click here but as I say this now connects to the KB page. I have changed the path to the routers IP address in order to get to the login but I wondered if anyone else has noticed this with their routers?

  PP321 18:42 03 Nov 2009

No, click here is stored in the router, so when you type it in your browser, the router "intercepts" it and displays whats stored in its firmware, it has nothing to do with IP adresses. What page EXACTLY do you see when you type in click here ? screenshot? also try typing in the routers ip adress, default is

  [email protected]#36 20:22 03 Nov 2009

The links you added above take me to the Netgear KB site click here which is where the desktop icon took me before I changed it to

  mgmcc 20:55 03 Nov 2009

If I click on the link to "www routerlogin com" (with the dots) it takes me to Netgear's support page and that's without even using a Netgear router, although I do have one!

  PP321 22:36 03 Nov 2009

Right i get you now, if your on vista or win7 go to start menu>computer>network, and your router should be there, right mouse click on it and select properties and it should give you the IP adress, from which you can copy & paste into your browser.

  [email protected]#36 10:11 04 Nov 2009

That is what I did before posting my question, which was - why does now take me to Netgears knowledgebase website and not to the routers login page anymore?

  PP321 17:25 04 Nov 2009

Right, you didnt mention you'd tryed that before you posted, if you know the internal IP of the router, typing that into your browser MUST take you to that device, are you saying it doesnt?

  [email protected]#36 09:34 05 Nov 2009

NO, if you read my original post again, the second para states I changed the link to the routers IP address from
It would appear that netgear have changed something that means instead of taking you to the router login screen, it now takes you to their knowledge base site. SO the icon that is placed on your desktop when installing the router software has to be changed in order to get to the router settings.

  PP321 17:48 05 Nov 2009

Thats not strictly true, you said "I have changed the path to the routers IP address in order to get to the login" , What i'm talking about is typing in the IP adress into the browser, NOT using the shortcut, So lets presume youve done that, even that takes you to the KB site yeah? If it does i cant see how thats possible...but if it does i'd be unplugging my modem or ADSL line, and trying it again to see if you can get into the router that way?

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