dalimena 20:16 27 Apr 2005

Hi can someone explain what the difference is between a switch a hub and a router. Also where would each one be used.

  woodchip 20:21 27 Apr 2005

A Hub is a Router but some router come with Modem as I have just fitted one. Am connected through it now on Laptop Wireless. two desktops and laptop connected and share the modem on BB. Not as clumsy as separate items

  dalimena 20:27 27 Apr 2005

so if i just got a hub, i could connect my ntl broadband ethernet cable which comes from a set top box to it and run 2 pcs off it?

So in reality your saying a router and a hub are one and the same? - the modem

  woodchip 20:31 27 Apr 2005

I have been to Makro at Sheffield today They had a Binatone Wireless Router with Laptop Wireless £30 plus Vat so if you modem connects to Ethernet and is BB, Yes it would work. Not for a USB modem

A hub is the simplest form of connection between 3 or more computers

A switch is in essence a more intelligent hub.

A router has the facility to also connect to the internet, it also can have ports that allow 1 or more computers to be connected to it.

You can also combine elements, for example I have a multiport switch connected to my computers and printer network, one connection from the switch is fed to my router.


  dalimena 21:04 27 Apr 2005

woodchip/whisperer i have already got 2 pcs linked up with crossover cables, but i need to leave my pc on when im not using it otherwise the other cant connect. I just want them both to be able to connect alone, and if a hub will allow that, it seems its all i will need. So i will just plug my ethernet cable into it and ethernet cables from the 2 pc into it as well. Will it then configure itself?

  woodchip 21:12 27 Apr 2005

Yes that's what my comps do with this Router. I did not need a Network. I can use Laptop in Garden given the right wether

  dalimena 21:15 27 Apr 2005

woodchip, i dont want to use a wireless connection, it seems all i need is a switch/ hub/ router whatever as i have it working now with cables

  pete-290318 00:25 28 Apr 2005

using ntl broadband you will need a router.

It does not work with just a hub or a switch.

A router has a wan port into which you plug your modem. .. the other ports are used to connect your pc's.

When you get your router, get one that has no combined modem. If your connection is already established on one of your pc's you should find that it needs very little setting up and you will be able to access the internet from either pc without the need for both to be switched on.

I've used these from ebay and had no problems using this seller click here

  woodchip 09:35 28 Apr 2005

A Router and Hub are one and the same thing. But My Router as a Built in Modem. A Router on it's own will be much cheaper, wired or wireless works just the same, only a Wireless allows both way's to connect.

  sgoku 11:12 28 Apr 2005

a router is different to a hub,
routers all have a built in modem whether is for ADSl or cable broadband, they have this so you can connect to the net.

If u want to get technical a hub just broadcasts information,
A hub is like a switch in that remembers where machines are connected, therefore they only send information to that machine.

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