Router works wirelessly but not via Ethernet

  Halmer 17:49 15 Jan 2008

The ethernet conn to my Linksys stopped working. I managed to get it working after 2 hours on to their helpline then tinkered too much trying to secure it and it has stopped working again.

I have just attached the old network adapter to the PC though and managed to get it to work. Why would it work wirelessly but not via the ethernet?

I have reset the router and downloaded the latest firmware as advised last time. Can anyone suggest anything (other than don't mess if you manage to get it to work again)

  [email protected] 17:56 15 Jan 2008

Normally you don't "set-up" the Ethernet link, you just plug in the cable and it works!
The cable is dead.
That part of your PC where the cable connects - is dead (this can be a mobo socket or a PCI card socket).
If it's a PCI Ethernet card, is could be dead, check in device manager.
The socket on the router is dead.
WiFi is an alternative to the cable, thats why it works and the cable doesn't in your case. It is possible to have a PC connected via cable and another connected via WiFi - both will work without interfering with each other.

  Halmer 18:01 15 Jan 2008

I now have two wireless PCs instead of one wireless and one ethernet connected.

Lynksys helpline helped me to get the ethernet connected one working by defaulting the settings and downloading the latest firmware. They suggested my lad must have corrupted the router software as he was the last one to use the PC. However I then tinkered and it stopped working via the ethernet again. Just can't understand it.

I assume that it is fine to have two working wirelessly if I can't fix it without any disadvantages.

  woodchip 18:32 15 Jan 2008

Why not go to Device Manager, Delete the Lan connection and reboot the Computer with Lan Wire Connected. It should auto setup

  Halmer 18:40 15 Jan 2008

I think that it is to do with the router so would that help?

  woodchip 18:42 15 Jan 2008

I would think it's you computer not Router also you do not need to secure a Ethenet Lan. Only Wireless

  woodchip 18:43 15 Jan 2008

If it connects Wireless then it's not the Router

  Halmer 18:47 15 Jan 2008

I have found Realtek Ethernet. is this the one?

How do I delete it? The closest option seems to be to uninstall the driver.

  woodchip 18:48 15 Jan 2008

Right click it and then choose remove or uninstall

  Halmer 18:56 15 Jan 2008

Did as you suggested and it seems to be fine now. Ethernet driver or something must have been corrupted by my lad somehow.

Thanks to you and wotbus for taking time to help me. I love this site!!

  [email protected] 19:27 15 Jan 2008


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