Router won't detect bluetooth accesspoint

  andy625 14:27 18 Jun 2007

I'm trying to connect a Belkin bluetooth access point F8T030 to my router (Netgear DG834N).

The device is designed to be connected to a wireless router via a network cable, and enable any bluetooth device to connect to the network using the bluetooth function of the access point. You can also attach printers to the USB ports on the access point so that you can print from the bluetooth device (eg pda's) to the printer via bluetooth.

My problem is that the router will not detect that its been connected, and won't assign it an IP address.

I have DCHP turned on, and the router normally detects other pc's/storage hard drives that I've attached to it straight away.

I have tried manually assigning an IP address into the router settings, however it still wont find it.

Any ideas?

  mgmcc 08:22 19 Jun 2007

<<< I have tried manually assigning an IP address into the router settings, however it still wont find it.>>>

Not sure I follow what you've done here - have you actually assigned an IP address manually to the Bluetooth Access Point?

If not, try connecting it directly to a PC's network port, give the PC's "Local Area Connection" an IP address in the subnet that the router uses, which will probably be 192.168.0.x so use with Subnet mask and then allocate another address in the same range to the Bluetooth Adapter. Use an address that won't conflict with any that the router allocates by DHCP, such as with Subnet Mask

The router should then connect with the Bluetooth Adapter, although there may be nothing actually indicating this to be the case.

  PP321 07:40 20 Jun 2007

i bought the wifi version of the router you have and came up against similar problems, as an "expereinced" computer user i never see the need for the cds you get with these devices, however after using the the setup on the cd, it logged into the router and set everything up automatically! and its still working to this day.

Have you tried the cd?

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