alistair brown 14:21 02 Jan 2011

Hi All
I have a friend of mine who has a PC upstairs in their bedroom connected to a Virgin router and a laptop in their lounge , downstairs connected wirelessly.

When she clicks on Internet Explorer on the laptop she cannot make a connection?

Is it the network adapter card in the side of the laptop that isn't working, if so how would you test it (maybe take the network card to a local computer shop, for testing)?

Is it the fact that she has accidently clicked on the Lan and wireless settings and pressed the ethernet port connection by mistake?

And I have forgotten how to display these, (lan and wireless connections on the screen), would you know how?

Is it because the router (which is old upstairs) needs to be replaced with a more up to date one, to handle all the latest graphics, how can you test?

The laptop downstairs I am told is very old aswell.

Would this work : - Could I delete the existing wireless "profile" which Windows will have saved and then go ?

So far I have messed around with various video sites and sound like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Mesenger, and Skypee, with little success.

Could you possibly explain how to subsribe EASILY AND DEFINATELY, thankyou?

Because I have left college I no longer experience the classroom chit chat, with usefull information, I found out about various new inventions like Ebay,Skypee,Amazon etc when I was there, Is there any way I can keep up to date in any way from now?

There a few sites on TV and the Internet which I would like to gain more coverage on latest computing like Click and Bruce, would you know of any more?

Finally please could you explain how to burn DVD's at home, with the information on the screen from a memory stick, and then burn it on to a DVD, do you need the right software and where can you obtain it from or can you do a DVD to DVD burn, AT HOME AND NOT FOR PUBLIC USE?

Many thanks

Alistair Brown.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 02 Jan 2011

Make / model of laptop and operating system used?
make / model of router?

She will have a Virgin modem, that should then be connected by ethernet cable to a "cable router" and the either by cable to the desktop and wireless to the laptop click here

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