router v. regular speedtouch modem

  rosie 12:48 04 Nov 2006

I run Windows XP Home, am a home user with no one else using my computer. I have a broadband connection with Speedtouch USB modem. Is there very much to gain from Security point of view by switching to a router? And if so, what is the simplest recommended?

  Stuartli 13:10 04 Nov 2006

I used to have a Sagem [email protected] 800 USB broadband modem but switched to one of these:

click here

It's very stable, is permanently on and now only costs £14.99 (I paid around £24 including delivery).

There is also a five port version for a couple of quid more (both are rebadged Safecom models) and both will handle ADSLMax and ADSLMax2.

  Stuartli 13:17 04 Nov 2006

I have a motherboard with a LAN connection (RJ45) - you might need to also buy an Ethernet card if you don't have an RJ45 connection, but they are very cheap.

  amonra 14:06 04 Nov 2006

Routers are generally more dependable than the USB modems that ISPs provide. Plus the fact that as Stuartli stated they are always-on, no waiting for connect. Also, they have a built in firewall.

  palinka 14:29 04 Nov 2006

When i used just a single computer on my BB connection I used the bog-standard USB modem as supplied by my ISP.
Then I decided to connect my laptop as well so switched to a modem-router and connected the 2 machines wirelessly.
The modem router has been much more reliable (it's a BT Voyager 2100) than the earlier modem (which was a speedtouch something or other and had a habit of dropping connection).
But I don't think there's anything to be gained re security by using the router.
And BOTH are always on.

  Lettervanman 15:22 04 Nov 2006

I have recently changed from a Speedtouch 330 modem to a Speedtouch 780WL modem router. I can not comment with regard to security,but I can now download at a faster speed than before even though the 330 sync is the same as the 780.

  sil_ver 15:50 04 Nov 2006

Don't wish to hijack the thread but as I'm interested in buying a cheap modem/router. Can I assume this is not a wireless one, if it is how do you connect to a single PC? My PC mobo does have a RJ-45 connector.

  amonra 16:26 04 Nov 2006

Connecting a modem/router is pretty straightforward. If I can do it then anyone can. Just follow the instructions carefully and you shouldn't have any problems. I have fitted 3 recently (all different) and found no trouble. Just make sure you have ALL your details before you start. Good luck.

  anskyber 17:49 04 Nov 2006

Modem routers have the advantage of having a hardware firewall to supplement your software one. always assuming you have one.

  sil_ver 18:59 04 Nov 2006

My question was HOW do you connect it. Is it a physical connection or a wireless one?

  anskyber 19:04 04 Nov 2006

I connect via the Ethernet socket, (RJ 45)

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