Router upstairs but master socket downstairs?

  classic3903 14:18 16 Jun 2009

I have already given up on TalkTalk - either cut off last night (4x) or on hold for 15 minutes this morning!!! (@%*&)

Can someone tell me what i need to do if my master telephone socket is downstairs, but my computer (hence router) is upstairs, and I don't want to go wireless for health concerns.... I assume we can use the external plug (rather than the hidden test socket behind the plate – that BT tell you to check for faults on)

can I just buy a very long ADSL cable?(cable distance from upstairs to down is approx 9m -the one in Argos is 5m only?!) the connection is not working with a telephone extension lead – I put the microfilter into the downstairs plug, as well as upstairs. The ADSL light was flashing

the 2nd attempt the ADSL light was solid but the internet light was flashing - but during configuring, the setup program still crashed, as did the other 2 attempts. Its the Huawei router but not 100% sure - might be Echolife HG520b but it does look like like this one click here with a photo frame and silver ribbon...

A colleague on my work's forum said:
I’m on Talk Talk too. They upped my speed in the last month which gave me connection problems. I e-mailed them to ‘turn it down’ again and the problem was sorted. A second one had said:
Instead of laying cables you can your household power network, I know people who do this successfully but have no experience myself, may be worth looking at... Devolo 1145 Homeplug duo Powerline twin pack (Twin Pack Starter Kit) but this is around £50…! my exchange is Bamber bridge LCBAB

  Tech Guy 18:41 16 Jun 2009

Can I address your health concerns:
The wireless routers network uses the 2.4 GHZ range which is the same as a household cordless phones, wireless cameras and many other household wireless products. Even if you don't have wireless in your house you get hit by these frequencies every day by other peoples devices. Proberly even ny your neighbours wireless network/cordless phones. Do you have a T.V. as thy use radio waves in the lower range. Do you have a microwave? As they emit 2.4 GHZ radio waves. There really is no reason why you should be concerned by using this 2.4GHZ range in your house.

The only alternatives are laying a cable or using Homeplugs.

  sharpamat 19:07 16 Jun 2009

if your router has an elthernet connection this post may click here of intrest

  Forum Editor 00:14 17 Jun 2009

as far as a wireless network is concerned - there isn't a shred of reliable evidence to show that your health will suffer as a result of running a wireless router.

You receive ten times more exposure to radio frequencies just walking along a city street.

  Wrighty09 11:49 18 Jun 2009

I would recommend going for Devolo homeplugs. These work by sending the wireless signal through the electrical cabling in your house, so no need for unsightly cables.

You get 2 plugs in a starter kit, one connects to your router via ethernet cable and plugs into a wall socket or power source nearby

click here&

  classic3903 12:24 18 Jun 2009

hi i bought a 10m ethernet cable from my local computer shop who advised me. The router is downstairs at the master socket. The ADSL lights are solid lit, and the internet flashing as i believe is normal (as I had with a tel extension?)
However, the big thing that remains consistent is the fact that my C& go CD crashes every time it gets to the screen that saiys swith on your router and watch the lights flashing/testing. is this the program fault? Or is it that I have not done the other checks mentioned, as being an administrator on my PC, remove broadband software (I have firefly dialup - should i get rid of this?)etc.

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