Router type querry

  jack 11:51 17 Aug 2008

In another active post I am dealing with one of my flock's wireless set up.
In another post entirely I got the impression that a router that is for use on cable[NTL/Virgin] is a different animal to a normal ADSL router
Is this so?
If it is it could be a reason for the problem this individual is suffering

  MarvintheAndroid 12:02 17 Aug 2008

Correct. The two types are different and non-compatible.


  Quiller. 12:15 17 Aug 2008

to Marvin.

DSL for cable

ADSL for telephone line.

  jack 12:18 17 Aug 2008

Thanks for that- Willcheck their situation out when I re-visit.
Meanwhile exactly what is the difference - curiosity only-
Do the cable co supply a 'Wireless' router?
Or does it have to be specified?

  Eric10 12:42 17 Aug 2008

A cable modem will have a socket labelled WAN or UPLINK in addition to the usual LAN sockets (and possibly wireless) for connection to computers. The WAN socket connects to the cable modem using an ethernet cable. It will not have the smaller ADSL socket for connecting to a telephone line.
click here for more help and a diagram.
The cable company could provide a router but that would possibly be an option that is offered when taking out a new package with them.
Cable routers are readily available from many sources. click here for one supplier.

  Quiller. 13:38 17 Aug 2008

Simply put

a DSL router takes a RJ45 connection. Cable

a ADSL router takes a RJ11 connection. Telephone.

  jack 13:41 17 Aug 2008

Now I know what to look out for - forewarned is forearmed
I think the have a Belkin wireless ADSL in the mix.

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