zoyflan 14:57 17 Aug 2009

hello forum,,i hope you can help,my son wants to go online with ps3,so i invested in a wired router/modem,conecting via ethernet cable, its a "bt voyager 210" [unlocked],i thought it was plug and play,but having trouble getting online with it,it has 5 lights,power,dsl,internet,ethernet&usb,the only one that dosent light is internet,[tryed resetting]when we try on the ps3,we get "isp,,succeded"internet connect,"failed",,dns error,,and it gives a code,so i found out the dns numbers,keyed them in ,and still the same,no connect,now i find i have to "configure"it,,so have tryed to go to the bt isp address that it states,to configure this model,but just displays "page cannot be found"im currently with tiscali broadband,bt tech line tells me to phone tiscali which i did,nothing wrong with my broadband,"so should work",then tiscali tech line tells me to phone bt,,"as it must be a problem"with there product,,tiscali did give me some numbers&letters,followed by my username&password,,so please how do i find this "configure"site?,or am i doing this all wrong?completly new to this,any help/advice much appreciated,thankyou,ron.

  ambra4 15:12 17 Aug 2009

BT Voyager 2100 Wireless ADSL Router

Go to this and stroll down to “Basic Router Setup” it tell you how to

access the router an set it up

click here

  ambra4 15:13 17 Aug 2009

Sorry should read "this site"

  zoyflan 16:01 17 Aug 2009

hello ambra4,,thankyou for your speedy replie,,but the one i have is the wired version.

  ambra4 17:52 17 Aug 2009

The plusnet set up is the same as the tiscali on the Voyager 210 USB Modem/Router –

Setup Guide

click here

  zoyflan 21:26 17 Aug 2009

have been to the site,you gave me,unfortuately the links that are under"configuering your voyager 210 router"are dead,every instruction has been followed to the letter.thankyou for your answears.

  portege 03:30 29 Jan 2010

I have a d-link router and already run 2 laptops from it, I have just bought a Tosh r100 portege but cant connect with it. The laptop picks up around 20 other routers on our estate, but frustratingly not ours.
When you click, 'view available networks' all others are visible but ours!
I have connected via a lan cable and input all information but still it wont find it. I am running xp on the laptop that cant be found, but I run both xp and vista on the other two that will connect.
Any ideas please!


  Simsy 08:37 29 Jan 2010

lets leave the ps3 out of it...

Connect the ASDl line, (I'm assuming ADSL?), to the router via filter.

Then connect the router to your computer using ethernet.

Then go to the address, click here , (which is the same as click here), using your browser. This will take you to a "website" that is actually inside the router, where you set up the router to conect to the internet.

Do you get to that stage ok?

Assuming you do you then eneter your details, (Username and password), which should enable you to connect your to the internet.

Assuming that works OK, then the ps3 should be able to connect to the internet, via internet cable.

From memory, (which may be wrong, but I think that's what I had at one time!), I think the 205 has 1 internet and 1 USB connection. If you are then going to connect the PC via USB you'll need to install the USB drivers for it.

Does that all help?

With apologies if it doesn't, or if anything about it is wrong!!... That's really stretched my networking "knowledge"!!

Good luck,



  Simsy 08:43 29 Jan 2010

click here

Which give slightly clearer instructions than I did.



  Simsy 09:10 29 Jan 2010

that in my first post the links became "click here"s...

so here they are with out the http in front...




They should both take you to the same place, the setup "website" inside the router.



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