router trouble...

  Hucky 18:57 26 Feb 2008

hi..i have a pc which connects 2 the net...and a router connected to that going to a second pc woth a cable for internet... however, whenever i turn of any of the pc`s i cannot get online again without re setting the rouer numerous is a 11g wireless router and both pc`s are xp....thanx

  Ashrich 22:32 26 Feb 2008

Is this a wireless router with a built in modem or do you use a separate one ? How are they all connected together , as it sounds like the 2 PC's are connected for Internet Connection Sharing ( ICS ) when , if the router has a built in modem that would not be needed .


  Hucky 19:13 27 Feb 2008

11g wireless ads router yes...i have a speedtouch modem4 internet...i have a ethernet cable from my pc to the other..

  Ashrich 21:19 27 Feb 2008

So is the ADSL wireless router being used as well as the Speedtouch ? If the wireless router has a modem built in that is all you need , once the router is connected to the internet the 2 PC's connect to it via cable or wireless , they don't need a physical connection to each other as that is provided by the router . If you are having trouble connecting the ADSL wireless router to your ISP I'm sure one of us here can help you !!


  Hucky 14:28 28 Feb 2008

yes i have the modem going from the phone line to the pc...then the router connected to my pc and a cable from the router to the 2nd pc... is this too much do i just need to not use the modem...if so can u walk me through it Many thanx!!!

  Ashrich 21:57 28 Feb 2008

If the wireless router has an ADSL modem built in then you don't need the Speedtouch one as well , can you tell me the make and model of the router and which Internet Service Provider you use to get on to the internet and I will do my best to tell you what settings to enter and get both PC's on the the net , and hopefully get them " talking " to each other as well .


  Hucky 09:47 29 Feb 2008

11g wireless adsl 2/2+ pipex thanx

  Ashrich 21:19 29 Feb 2008

Sorry , can I have the exact make and model of the router ( actual name that was on the box ) as I can't go through all the set up documents I have without knowing which one it is as they all vary more than a bit . Or maybe you have the free Pipex wireless modem router , which is the Speedtouch 585 at the moment , please let me know .


  Hucky 16:45 02 Mar 2008

it a newlink 11g 54mbps router...ta

  Ashrich 09:28 03 Mar 2008

Ok Hucky , I've done a bit of homework and I think I can walk you through the set up of your modem/router , First of all , you need to take out the USB modem you have , and start connecting up the router .

Unplug the phoneline from your modem and also unplug the modem from the PC . Leave the cable that is plugged in the phone socket and filter for now , just disconnect the other end .

Now , plug that cable from the phone socket into the appropriate socket on the router ( looks like a network port , only a little smaller ) then connect to the PC with the provided ethernet cable to the network port on PC .

Start the PC , and when it has finished booting , open your internet browser and go to tools/internet options/connections and tick the box for " never dial a connection " , Ok back to browser , and type in to the address bar at the top ... and press enter .

This will take you to the set up pages for your router , for the user name type in " admin " ( without the quote marks ) and for the password type in " admin " again ( without quotes ) and press enter again .

This will take you to the set up pages , where it says " select your ISP " select " general-uk-ISP and enter your Pipex user name and password ( remembering that Pipex use % instead of @ )
Click apply and save , then when saved click on Advanced setup .

On the Advanced page make sure all of these things are ticked . First of all , click on ISP settings in the WAN setup , these are the settings you need .

ISP (other ) Type (PpPoA ) Sharing ( disabled )
Then you have your user name and password that Pipex gave you , VPI ( 0 ) VCI ( 38 ) Authentication ( auto ) MTU ( enter the number 1458 ) Tick the box for " Default Gateway " then click on " Apply " This should then show you the button for " connect " click that and see if an internet connection fires up , this can be tested by clicking the button " connection status " .

Go through that lot first , and if necessary , we can fine tune it a bit , and if you are using wireless at any time we can set up some security for it as well .


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