router times out and will not reconnect

  cordo 17:16 20 Jul 2006

I have a netgear dg834gt wireless router. Everything works fine and I am generally pleased with it. But when I bought it, the idea was to connect an IP camera to my network, so both my family and myself can see what going on at home.
I configured everything as I should, portforwarded 8080 for the IP Camera.
But............ when I turn off my pc. the router drops the connection when there is no activity, and will not reconnect.
I have set the router to "0" so it reconnects automaticaly. But as yet no luck. If I set the router time out to "99" the maximum. provided someone connects to my IP camera from the net within that 99 minutes. It works great.
Netgear told me to update the firmware..but no luck. they also gave me other ways of resetting the thing, but as yet, it still drops the connection and will not reconnect.
Sometimes when I get home in the evening, I turn on my pc. But initially it will not connect to the internet.But once I power down the router then power up again it works fine. I am now at a point where I want to throw it through a window.
even netgear have no answers...Help please

  ade.h 18:18 20 Jul 2006

Not much of an "always-on" connection is it...?

As a bandaid solution, leave one client powered up when you're not around and set its mail client to check for new messages periodically. That will keep the connection alive.

Pop over to Networking if you have any more questions.

  FelixTCat 18:26 20 Jul 2006


I had a similar problem and found a neat little program here: click here

It is called StayAlive Pro 3, it is freeware and you can set it to various time intervals to either ping or start to load a website. It only uses a few bytes, so will not eat into a usage allowance.



  cordo 14:55 21 Jul 2006

Although I have a small network at home. The idea was to be able to set up the IP camera on the network without any other pc's running
So I could monitor my home without the need to have any equipment running, other than the IP camera. Obviously, to have something like StayAlive Pro 3.0 keeping my connection alive would require a pc to be running. That really defeats to whole object of getting the IP camera in the first place.

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