Router Thomson ST 585 v6

  Allan RISC OS user 16:47 09 Jan 2008

I posted a thread at about 1330 today, but it does not appear to be in the Forum, so I will try again! sorry if this turns up twice.

I have installed the Router and it appears OK as all the LEDs are lit (green) except the WLAN which is amber (I do not use a wireless facility).

I am able to ping to and from both PCs on my wired LAN and do all the things I would expect from the Router except connect to any pages from the browsers (Firefox,Opera,IE) and Thunderbird cannot download emails.

The Broadband is on and working as I have proved by going back to my USB modem, using the same filter and cable to the Router and modem.

When the Router arrived there was only the ISP CD and this will not proceed to the end as it reports after asking for the username and password that it cannot connect to the internet and to check cables etc. and re enter password and user name. As I stated before the lights indicate that all is well!

There may well be more things to set up but I do not know.

I am able to access the Router via the Browser using and the only problem I can see (if it is one) is "HomeNetwork" Ethernet, ethport1, Unknown device00-0e-a6-c5-70-67, this is the port used by my AMDPC and named as such with an IP address of 192.168.1.xx, and ethport2 reports same with 00-01-3d-56-dc-03 this is the port used by my RiscPC and named as such with an IP address of 192.168.1.yy.

On another screen it states "assign the public IP address of the connection to a LAN" but gives no way of doing so and states "Not assigned and no compatible device found". I assume they are referring to the 1394 NET Adapter or the NVidia nForce MCP network controller in the AMD PC and the Simtec ethernet card in the RiscPC.

Also The Game and Application Sharing should this be enabled or disabled as I do not play games or use my LAN other than stated above, also should Dynamic DNS be disabled or enabled.?

The DNS settings shown on the set up are different to the one supplied by my ISP which I have inserted on both computers. and have worked with the USB modem on the AMDPC.

looking forward to your replies

  Allan RISC OS user 18:53 09 Jan 2008

After two day of checking I have now got things working, I had used a wrong Gateway address.

  FreeCell 19:00 09 Jan 2008

Have you set up the router broadband settings?
Connect to the router using

This should show you a Control Panel. If connected to the internet the Broadband Internet entry should say connected and there is button that says Disconnect. If you have a button that reds Connect then you need to set up your ISP settings.

In the left side menu select SpeedTouch then pick the task Set up. This should launch a wizrd that alloes you to enter all your ISP details, password etc. At the end make sure that you are connected to the internet.

Hope this helps.

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