Router for TalkTalk

  Graham. 19:08 20 Nov 2008

A friend is on TalkTalk broadband, using a modem. This needs to be changed to a wireless router due to pressies for the kids.

Can he just buy one, or must it come from TalkTalk?

  MAJ 19:10 20 Nov 2008

Anyone will do, ADSL not Cable of course. I use a Linksys, mate uses a Netgear.

  Graham. 19:10 20 Nov 2008

I've seen click here

  MAJ 19:13 20 Nov 2008

Yes that's the Netgear model I mentioned.

  iscanut 19:18 20 Nov 2008

I have just moved a friend from the TalkTalk supplied broadband modem to a Netgear Wireless modem, model DG834G.Installed and set up with no problems. Have a look at my original thread if it helps. click here

  Graham. 19:25 20 Nov 2008

Link to the TT forum, please.

  wjrt 19:38 20 Nov 2008
  wjrt 19:41 20 Nov 2008
  Graham. 19:45 20 Nov 2008

That's internal routing for you. Found it anyway click here thanks to your link.

  iscanut 20:45 20 Nov 2008

Sorry to miss out the link, but hope you have found it now. Please find below a summary of the Netgear router settings for use with TalkTalk. Hope you can follow them... The present Netgear hardware is version 4 which is fine.

Netgear DG834G Version 3 or later Set Up
Router Setup

• Basic Settings

Does Your Internet Connection Require A Login?


Log In
[email protected]

Your password

Idle time out

Internet IP Address
Get Dynamically From ISP

Domain Name Server (DNS) Address
Get Dynamically From ISP

NAT (Network Address Translation)

Multiplexing Method



DSL Mode
These don't effect your ADSL connection so I won't list them

Connect Automatically as required

Enable PPPoE Relay
NOT Ticked

Disable Port Scan and DOS Protection
NOT Ticked

Default DMZ Server
NOT Ticked (shouldn't effect connection)

Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port
NOT Ticked

MTU Size (in bytes)
Nothing ticked or set in here
• LAN TCP/IP Setup
Not much changed in here except

RIP Direction
(not sure this will change anything connection wise)

Most ADSL routers sold in the UK will be ready to connect to TalkTalk Broadband. The settings should be as below. If you have any problems with your router, please contact the manufacturer. TalkTalk can't offer any support for hardware they haven't supplied.
Please note that some early model Netgear routers (including the DG834 v1 and v2) are not compatible with TalkTalk and may display a "CHAP Authentication Failed" message even when the correct password is used.
• VPI: 0
• VCI: 38
• MTU: 1432
• DNS settings: Leave these blank or so the settings are provided automatically from the network
• Authentication: CHAP
• Encapsulation: PPP over ATM (PPPoA). VC-MUX
You will also need your TalkTalk Broadband username and password. You'll find these in the welcome letter we sent. If you cannot find your welcome letter and cannot remember your broadband username and password, you can call free of charge from a TalkTalk landline on 0870 0875 562 to retrieve them.

List of supported and non supported modems
Most of our customers will have no trouble using a non-supported WiFi router on TalkTalk network. All you'll need to do is enter:
• Your user credentials
• All the relative settings found on your Connect & Go CD regarding your router. (E.g. Incoming/Outgoing mail server; DNS servers; ADSL Modulation; Encapsulation mode, etc.)
• TalkTalk modem settings
• Your security settings (your WEP key or WPA key)

A small percentage of TalkTalk customers who are using a non-TalkTalk router will not be able to connect to our service. We have identified that the following Netgear router may not work on our network:
• DG834G - Version 1
• DG834G - Version 2

With these routers there may be an issue with the firmware which prevents you from connecting to the Internet. The router will present the error message: "CHAP authentication failed".

The following modems and routers have been tested and have no connection issues with our network:

Wired modems:
• Sagem [email protected] 800
• Huawei MT882
• Thompson SpeedTouch 330

Wireless routers:
• DG834G - Version 3
• Huawei HG520
• Philips SNA5630NS
• Belkin G Wireless

  Graham. 22:11 20 Nov 2008

Thanks, I will load that onto a USB stick to take with me.

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