router setup problem

  sky_123 00:14 12 Aug 2007

Hi All

Hope you can help. I bought a new router today (Zoom adsl x6) to connect my laptop and desktop wirelessly however I can't even get the thing connected and don't know why.
I have windows vista on the desktop and followed the installation instructions which said to enable Telnet client before installing the setup CD. The CD basically just says how to connect the router. I plug in the ethernet, power and internet phone line wire but the internet light doesn't come on and it says it cannot detect the modem.
I've been using broadband for the past week so I know its connected (my isp is orange) and when I connect using the basic modem I can get on.
I looked on the orange website for 3rd party router settings and the ones they provided didn't correspond with the manual setup for the router.
ie Router settings

If you choose to use an Ethernet modem / router, the correct connection settings are:


PPP over ATM

Multiplexing method:


Virtual circuit:



Multi mode



MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

In case of problems with a third party router, change MTU to 1492 (Livebox default setting)

The settings for the router doesn't have the option to select PPP over ATM and there is nothing about modulation, authentication or MTU.

Sorry for being such a spaz but what am I doing wrong here?

  brundle 00:21 12 Aug 2007

When you use ethernet the computer doesn't `see` a device as it would with a USB modem, it just recognises a cable has been plugged into an ethernet port. You need to define what the problem is - if you are getting no ADSL light, then the router is the problem, if your PC is not connecting to the net and you do have an ADSL/Internet light on, the issue is the PC setup.
Remove your old usb modem drivers, reboot, goto control panel/Network Connections, click Create a new connection, select the appropriate options, once you've done that you will need to access the router settings, put your login details in and try the connection. Look for a `connection status` page or something similar in the router configuration to check if it's getting a good ADSL signal.

  sky_123 00:23 12 Aug 2007

I have a DSL light which is on and an Internet like which isn't. Is the DSL the same as ADSL?

  sky_123 00:24 12 Aug 2007

I also tried the setup on my laptop and the same thing happened.

  brundle 00:33 12 Aug 2007

The DSL light is what you want at first, the Internet light should go on when you've established a connection with the ISP. Go to your browser and type


press return (change h*tp to http, otherwise it will be turned into a `click here` by the forum).

in the Network Password box use


  brundle 00:34 12 Aug 2007

You should do the `New Connection` steps first or your PC will still expect an internet connection via the USB modem and almost certainly won't use the ethernet connection until you reconfigure it.

  sky_123 01:30 12 Aug 2007

removed the modem and set up a connection using my isp log in details but it wouldn't connect.

  brundle 01:42 12 Aug 2007

Any error messages? Any status pages in the router config ?

  brundle 01:45 12 Aug 2007

Go to start menu/run, type

ipconfig /all

press return

Scroll back up the page if there is lots of text, the entry you want is among the first few lines.

If your PC has an IP address starting 192. or 10. your router has successfully provided the PC with a connection - all you have to do is figure out why the router won't connect to your ISP. If the IP address starts 169. then the PC has not been handed an IP address by the router and you have to solve that first.

  sky_123 11:48 12 Aug 2007

The error messages I’m getting are internet connectivitytest was unsuccessful. So then I diagnose problemand it says windows did not find any problems with this computer’s network connection and asks if I want to send the report to Microsoft. If I click diagnose & repair it give 3 options reset IP for local area network, switch off router for 10 mins and reset nework adapter for local area connection. None work.

I did the IPconfig /all and under ehternet adapter local area connection it says autoconfiguration IPv4 and starts 169

  brundle 15:04 12 Aug 2007

You have access to the router config via right?

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