Router settings on changing ISP's

  john bunyan 13:33 24 Nov 2007

I have a Linksys WAG54GX2 wireless gateway/ router, working well. I am thinking of changing from Pipex (IMb) broadband ISP to Zen 8Mb. Zen offer their preferred router, but I want to keep the Linksys. My e Mail adress will change, but what info do I need to get from Zen to alter settings om my router at the change over date ? Also I am using OE7 and Bullguard. Does OE7 remember the blocked spam senders if my e mail address changes? - Strawballs. Thanks for your comment on another thread.

  ambra4 13:47 24 Nov 2007

You will need check the following areas in the router and change the User Name and Password if difference from your old ISP

Connection Type = PPPoA

VPI/VCI = 0/38

Encapsulation = VCMUX.

User Name & Password to sign in to your new ISP service

In you email software you will have to change the account send and receive server address, which you require from Zen

  john bunyan 13:52 24 Nov 2007

ambra. Thanks. what about IP address - is this picked up automatically?

  ambra4 15:51 24 Nov 2007

Yes the IP address on the router will change once you enter the new user name and password save an reboot the router by power it off and back on

  ambra4 17:00 24 Nov 2007

Just a small note if Zen router is free take it you can always use as a back up,if your present router stop working, one should always have a back up modem and router.

  john bunyan 17:14 24 Nov 2007

ambra4 Thanks again. The Zen router is about £60 so although the amount is small, I have a matching PCMIA wirless card on a W98 laptop that works well, so would prefer to keep the Linksys. Many thanks for your advice.

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