Router Set Up - Info Required

  James1947 17:16 09 Jul 2007

Well at last I have taken the plunge and moved away from a USB modem to a Belkin wireless Router\Modem

As I'm new to these things I have a couple of questions.

i) Do I have to switch it off when I shutdown my PC?

ii)Do I still need my software firewall, and anti virus/spyware/adware protection?

iii) I think that I turned on the WEP protection, how do I check to be absolutely sure?

iv) I have a iPAQ 4150 PDA with wireless capabilities, is it easy to connect the two devices wirelessly, or can you point me to an idiots guide on the web?

Thanks for any advice.

  Fingees 17:38 09 Jul 2007

You do not have to switch off modem/router when switching off PC.
In fact it's better left on, as it can take three days to reach maximum speed of transfer, and resets at you isp if switched off

It's best to used software for av and extra firewall etc., as the modem hides the computer from the internet, it won't give absolute protection.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:44 09 Jul 2007

2) the routers' firewall will be enough protection so another is not necessary; your common sense will be of much more use. You will still need an AV and any free spyware programme such as spyware terminator click here
3)check the wireless connections on your computer and in your routers link there should be mention of password should have put in the password when you first connected to t'router.
4)click here is for a pocket PC but should be relevant.


  rawprawn 17:56 09 Jul 2007

Re Fingees post, my belkin gets hot, and I turn it off when the computer is not turned on (eg nights)I have noticed no real speed difference & although what he says is the accepted norm. I would rather save the planet and reduce fire risk than leave it connected

  Stuartli 18:05 09 Jul 2007

I don't switch my modem router off at all - it remains cool to the touch at all times.

  Technotiger 18:24 09 Jul 2007

I also turn off everything at night, including router - I have not noticed any speed difference.
My router only gets slightly warm. Mine is a Safecom 4Port ADSL Modem Router.

  Technotiger 18:28 09 Jul 2007

PS - I also have Sunbelt (formerly Kerio) Personal Firewall paid for version, which is in addition to the Firewall in the router. Plus, AVG Free, Ad-Aware 2007 and Diskeeper.

  James1947 18:51 09 Jul 2007

Okay, thanks for all the replies. I will keep my software firewall and AV\Spyware\Malware utilities.

I have decided to turn off the device when I shut down, at least for a while to see how it goes.

I have tried and failed to connect to the internet through my PDA, although I have set up a connection between the two, I must have a setting wrong somewhere.

I will check as resolved, and thanks again.

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