Router says I have no ethernet port!

  NickyK 01:13 04 Jul 2009

This seems to be quite a common problem. I have read what I found in search, but it seems to be individual to each OS and I am an idiot anyway.

Basically, in my situation, my Netgear router says it cannot find my Ethernet port! AOL, my ISP, said that I obviously don't have my ethernet drivers installed. How do I fix that?

I have a Dell Inspiron 2400 desk top with Windows XP and Service packs 1 to 3 installed. I recently had to do a complete reinstall of my OS and drivers, and now I cannot get my router installed.

My ISP is AOL, as I have said, and they have actually been very helpful,and got me back on line using an ADSL BT Voyager 105 modem (which I had to borrow from a friend). But I would like to get a router back, especially since AOL sent me a new one when I threatened to go to Virgin!

Any advise would be welcome. I hate to ask, but the last seven days have tired me out and I don't know where to go for help!


  ambra4 06:54 04 Jul 2009

Dell does not make a Dell Inspiron 2400 desktop

The model that you have is a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop

Enter the “Service Tag No.” which you will find listed on the case at Dell site and all

the drivers for your model will be listed

click here

Download the first two items listed under “Network” the “Broadcom 4401 Integrated

NIC Diagnostics Utility” and “Broadcom 4401 Integrated NIC Driver” install and the

Ethernet Card will be reinstalled

Would also suggest that you also download all the drivers for your Dell model and burn

to a CD just in case that you have to use at a later date

  ened 07:09 04 Jul 2009

It would be unlikely the Dell was shipped without the drivers.

Silly question but:

Have you plugged the ethernet cable into the back of the computer?

  NickyK 08:01 04 Jul 2009

Yes. All plugged in or out depending on how one regards what part of re-installation one is doing. Ambra4's advice was useful, but I couldn't download the drivers despite entering the correct code and diddly dumb etc..

And yes, this desk top is a Dimension 2400. Sorry about that.

I simply don't know what to do!

  ambra4 08:21 04 Jul 2009

Not to sure what you mean by couldn't download the drivers

What happens when you click on the download button?

  ambra4 08:22 04 Jul 2009

Also what browser are you using IE or Firefox

  NickyK 08:27 04 Jul 2009

Firefox on AOL with BT Voyager 105 ADSL modem. However, that is irrelevants. The simple fact is Dell have not supplied me with my Ethernbet drivers for reinstallation.

  ambra4 08:40 04 Jul 2009

“The simple fact is Dell have not supplied me with my Ethernet drivers for reinstallation”

Did you get a CD called “Drivers And Utilities” when you brought the computer

See that you cannot download the drivers from the Dell site you can request one from

Dell for the Dimension 2400

Contact Technical Support

click here

  mgmcc 08:44 04 Jul 2009

1) Windows should be capable of installing an ethernet adapter without the need for third-party drivers. Does it show as a "problem" (yellow question or exclamation mark) in Device Manager? Is it listed in the Network Connections folder as a "Local Area Connection"?

2) If you don't have a functioning network adapter, how can you be connecting to a Netgear router for it to tell you it cannot find your ethernet port?

  NickyK 08:53 04 Jul 2009

I will have to reply later. I am falling off my feet with exhaustion. Thanks and I will be back when I have had some sleep.

I have installed everything Dell gave me with this PC. But I have been advised that they never supply the Ethernet drivers. I can't get them from their web site either, despite typing in the correct code and so on and on.

yes, device manager lists the ethernet as a yellow question mark.

It is when I try and install the software for the Netgear that it tells me it can't detect an ethernet port. But device manager hasn't got it either.

Oh well. Stick with the modem

  NickyK 08:58 04 Jul 2009

But thanks for all the help. Very appreciated. I need to have a kip now!

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